New Block / Chisel Types 2021 Survey

Yes, I will take a flight seat and cockpit chisel.


Do you know how many bits are they considering adding per block? Are they adding a whole new byte? or hijacking an existing bit from some other part (like the unused liquid bits)?

I’d love to take smaller squares out of a block.

Sorry for the Minecraft picture :sweat_smile:


Being more serious… An overtaking chisel would be nice.

I’d like it if I can make a block take over part of another blocks space a little bit, like the “beam into pole” setup.

Use case:
If I want a diagonal transition between two block types, I want to chisel away part of block A and then extend block B into the gap that was formed.

To be more concrete: I want to use an Extension forged Slope chisel to extend green out into purple’s space here.


Absolutely this. It would be amazing to implement a feature like this. I don’t know if this would even be possible or how intensive it would be, but I would use this in so many different ways

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May I remind you of my earlier request for extra diagonal building blocks :+1: :smiley:

Edited this post - added the diagram again


:heart_eyes: This for sure too! I can see so many possibilities when looking at the diagrams provided.


A block like this would be awesome too!



I think James’ questions on that thread are pretty valid - what would it look like to use that chisel? Is it possible for those results to come from a logical chiseling away of material, or does it have to be some sort of transform you hit until the shape you want comes up?

My brain isn’t grasping these shapes well right now, but I can’t think of how this would work.


And here are some of my remarks at the wedge blocks @Xaldafax is referring to in the OP :+1: :+1:

Edited the post - added my diagrams again for a better overview


Seamless metal
Decorative wicker
Decorative marble
Decorative concrete
Liquid gleam that is breathable (perfect for elevators)
Stone panes (non transparent)
Borderless stone signs (non transparent)
Ivy block (more ivy looking than leaves or thorns)

Ability to remove parts (quarters) of glass panes with precise square chisel

And 30/60 degree blocks

The chiseling can be implemented IMO, see earlier thread

Even if it’s only ramps (non precise chisels) it’d still be a game changer

Like if you agree


Whatever new chisel types they consider I just hope they are actual crafted chisels and NOT centraforged… personal peev maybe


Yes I agree
I suggested they use rift, umbris and blink.

It would also be cool if the inventory had a reserved spot for 2 stacks of chisels (added space). It’d make it so people would have no reason NOT to keep every chisel in the game in their inventory. I think if people had every chisel on them for “free” (not taking up inventory space), we’d see a lot more nice chiseling


Only downside using those is it’s end game non low player friendly. Also energy consumption on those would suck :sweat_smile:

So maybe new chisels made from two types of mats. Like and iron and copper mixed together? Maybe the chisel part is iron and the handle is copper :sweat_smile:

Or even metal and gem mixed(gems being significantly cheaper than lucent)


Im good with them being later game items but perhaps rift umbris and blink might be bit of a stretch, very hard resources to farm for anyone sub level 50,

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My other idea would be to make them all diamond chisels
And when you craft them, you pick which one to craft
People would have to be careful, but that’s already the case and worse with forge effects


Another request for additional block shapes I made earlier …
… Now they are all united in this topic :+1: :smiley:

Edited this post - added the diagrams again for a better overview,


Why not sponge growth and mould chisels?


Sorry I won’t have a great answer here… :). I’d leave the full technicals to @James or @lucadeltodecso but based on the context this would come out of the larger block space that is reserved. It wouldn’t remove bits from other things but I’m not sure how they all interact honestly.

The bits used would be based on the type of block added. Like in the example I used (wedge) it was like only 4 or something if we had only 1 side. Then it would scale in use if we added more sides. Also, note, the wedge I proposed is still a single block but needs 2 to complete since it is a 2x1 so it would basically double the side.

One good thing to note is that these blocks can be shaved down a lot so that adds to possible shape options. Basically like we see with the lattice work. So there might be an option of a bunch of angels if we decide for something like that - a lattice idea but across the whole block where you can shave it.

I have had some “brainstorm” chat about what I’ll call “macro-pixels” (don’t remember the technical term used) but there were concerns about resolution and pixelation or how it would look in the existing block structure.

But, I do agree that if we had a block that was almost like a lattice but allowed up to trim off a 24th or 16th of the block that would be nice.


Thank you VERY much for adding all these. I completely forgot about these. One of the issues will be how chisels can create these, but overall this helps to showcase a bunch of new block types for better builds, etc.