Extra blocks for diagonal building

Can we get 24 extra shapes for diagonal :boundless: building?
It would give us a lot more possibilities (and variation)
… in combination with the existing bevel shaped blocks.
that would be awesome.

And, I know …
… another 24 block shapes would create a lot more block data to handle for the game.


I love these!

I would also like to propose to have lattice shapes but instead of dead centre to one edge of the cube…
This would mean we can add accents that are on other blocks…


While we’re at it, we need a spark driven steamroller to produce panes of every existing block!

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I’d like to see some rounded, spherical, & cylindrical shapes/chisels too :blush:

(and some new textures in the future)




I would love diamond plates :crazy_face:


Adding new chisels is relatively simple*.


  1. What is this chisel called?
  2. Where does it fit in? (All chisels are currently used hence we added the Lattice chisel as a forged attribute.)
  3. Chisels normally work by cutting away edges, or corners, or lattice arms. How would this work? What is cut away?
  4. Our chisel shapes work on a 1/24th grid. Do these fit with that?

(* “Relatively simple” for a single person on the planet.)

  1. flat lattice chisel, spherical chisel and diagonal chisel.
  2. lucent chisels…
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Im more than happy to supply the needed forgeries :wink:

These would be pretty cool. I suspect people would accept the need for a new chisel or forge. I suspect that would take some time to figure out / balance and add to the game but its super neat!
Thanks @Odeon , this is a fun thing to think about!

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What if they were Lucent specific chisels?

Spherical for rift
Diagonal chisel for blink
Extra lattice chisel for umbris

Rounding/cylinder chisel can be called “polishing chisel”
Diagonal can be called “chamfer chisel”
Extra reversed lattice chisel can be called “detailing chisel”


Edit: Not exactly sure if chamfer is the correct term, but it seemed appropriate based on the tool and definition


Yeah it would just be whatever degree chamfer.


I’ve been wanting this for a while. Imagine different radius in the game. It would change everything!


still exploring latticing…this looks pretty amazing…my mind would be boggled.
love the way lattice chisels are very versatile but love the simplicity of operation. would love to see this expanded to ideas such as above or even with current shapes (ie. shapes would cycle through sizes).


In principle, they are six - new- basic blocks that are always rotated 90 degrees, resulting in a substantial expansion on diagonal construction.

I see it as an extension on the basic palette as we know it today
(see picture below)

I think it’s a good idea to place them behind a new chisel :+1::+1:



Gleam Chisel…


Nice textures Vex,
especially picture nr. 4 and 7 :grinning:

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That looks like a disco ball!

Rift = Rounding

I think a precise rounding chisel could work well. Each whack takes off a corner like a precise bevel does.

Maybe not 8 corners to make a sphere. But put eight blocks together and whack 7 corners off each to form a sphere (sort of like bevel chisel gleam “gems” at Ult Finata and other places)

I would propose a special case that you stack lucent and gem chisels together though. I already have too many chisel stacks.

Love this.

You can also just say +forge instead of square (both types) when you forge it it turns to round.
Or name change from square to circle.

How ever i am more than happy if we get the diagonal added. (I feel the possibility’s already) :wink:

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@james if we are talking chisels…how about a chisel to rotate blocks like you can with storage blocks and other placeables. Like when you have metamorphic refined stone you need to put them in the same direction otherwise it gets all ugly unless you go for the random look. Or twisted trunks if you don’t place them exactly the lines of the bark don’t line up. Now that would help a million.