New Cuttle Attack: Ink Shot

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This came to mind…

What if a new attack was added to Cuttles?

It would be a ink shot attack which would blind you for a 3 second buff known as blindness. This attack would be able to be blocked with a shield when that is added into the game.

Also with the attack then a new type of monster drop would be added to the game as well “Ink Sack”. Which then can be processed in the extractor to obtain ink.


And it would make cuttles have the same amount of specific drops as the other mobs. Cuttles feel left out!


I’d be down for ink shot too (didn’t want to steal your idea)

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If they do have attack like that, I hope it is ink they squirt on you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


New item: Squeegee

Amount of ink you recover off your body is scaled based on metal/gem level.

Jk but @Ratchel great idea, and I can imagine the ink ones being the ones that hang out over water. Would also be cool if the ink didn’t penetrate water so you also wouldn’t have to worry about the big impulse blasts reaching you when you dive, which is one of the most frustrating ways to die imo.

Edit: just realized that would make them weak as they’d be less effective where they most frequent :man_facepalming: Maybe impulse should stop at water and ink penetrates…

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And and Bombs Explode and leave a Gas Residue behind which Kills you Gradually Debuff

Lets add flamethrower so we can explode those gasballs