New giant portal hub + Shop Plots (new)

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Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have made a giant new portal hub. It is on the exact spot where my giant Boundless logo used to be.
I removed the entire logo and replaced it now as roof of the new portal hub. This way the logo would not be deleted. :slight_smile:

My goal is to make it go to all the planets in a logical order.
For each region there is a large portal.

Each region has its own color:
Europe --> green
US East --> red
US West --> orange
Australia --> purple

To keep the text readable I placed the portals inside the floor. And that was not that easy as that part is under water.

In the middle of the portal hub there is a hole in the ground that has player portals to connect to the giant hub.

And there is already 1 connected to Moebius-Plaza (Therka Market)

The large green Europe portal warps to a place in Therka so others can expand there too.

And that portal house has 2 more portals. 1 to Septerfon and 1 to Munteen. So the Europe region is completely done.
Next will be the US East and US West. Australia will be the last to connect.

I am still busy working to connect all portals and find new places to connect the portals to.

Thanks to NL-Tim for helping me create the portal house in Therka + Moebius Plaza portal house.
And thanks to Andysav for donating a smart stack of oort shards for the portals.

Donations of oort stones are very welcome.
Or, just sell them for 10 coins each at the request baskets.

Have fun !


Nice work @SWProzee1! So that’s what you’ve been working on.

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Yep, that was my new “secret” project :grinning:

Be honest @Pseudonym84, a bit better than my ‘red tower’ ?

(And @Pseudonym84, you see I used the colored gleam you gave me. THX again !)


It’s certainly your own style, I’ll give you that much. I know your builds from a mile away - and this one serves a useful purpose for the community too, so great job.

Thanks for the tour. You’re crazier than I am when it comes to monumental builds. I dread to think what you’ll build next!?

I’m curious, how many plots?


Awesome project @SWProzee1 , Like all the things you do . :slight_smile:


Isn’t US-East closer to Europe?. And US west closer to Australia?

Well ingame it does not really matter I think.

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Giving you all my Oort stones!

Yay, cool build and nice to see you today :slight_smile: hehe

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Thanks @Tagris !

Will see you soon again, I am sure :slight_smile:

This build or the new one I am planning ?

To someone that gets lost quick, how do I find your hub? I 'm starting on Elopor…

I can show you.

I see you are online in Elopor, but I can’t find you. Where are you ?

Glad you found me, and thanks for showing me your new portal hubs! :grinning:


Started working on US EAST and connected the portal hub to Vulpto. Right in the middle of ruby mountains. So have fun getting the gems.

Also connected to Solum already. Started walking till I found some players working together on their houses.
Asked them if they wanted a portal house to the big hub next to their place. They liked that so now there it is.
Go have a look, they have a really nice place and have started to put some roads in place too.

All for US EAST left is Epsilo.
Any active group of players on Epsilo that could use a portal house to the big hub ?


Hey, thanks for connecting us on Solum! You really made our day :smile:

To everyone else, please feel free to stop in and put up a beacon if you want. Holler and we will build a road to you. So far it’s 5 of us (plus @SWProzee1), two of us have had the game since it was oort online (Jan 2015 ish?) and the other three have had the game since this weekend! Obviously, we welcome all players and are more than happy to help new players or chat up old ones.


ill check it out i love new towns

I’ve got that ridic ring. I could put in a portal on the tower mid platform, right in the back of where the figurehead’s gonna be.

I’ve got a few villagers I’m pretty sure run around and then skydive into the ocean to get to their houses/castles. I suppose I’ll need to put a tower in the ocean too, when I’ve got like 1,250 plots total, anyway.

I’m pretty sure there are no other large structures/communities on Epsilo yet, the place is a lot like Vena V that way.

What dimensions are you looking at for the portal? I’ll churn out conduits.

Edit: Actually I’ll build a location for it with a nice ocean view.

Any ways of getting in without using any external portals ?

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I will have a look around AzureHelios.

Only thing I need is 1 plot. I have enough portal blocks :slight_smile:

@Initiols - Nope, I did not expect anybody to swim that far, lol.

Yo don’t think I’m that mad, I just used a warp token