New giant portal hub + Shop Plots (new)

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My favorite way to get home WHEEEEEEEEEEEE

On second thought, I’ll be building an underslung platform over the ocean on the opposite side from the tower, on the north side of that I’ll leave a space open for a plot or two with your portal.

Quick, someone hold my vodka while I grab two thousand refined stone and ten chisels!

Edit: It’ll be on Segment Kappa, you can see it to the east from cor-karolis’ place if your view distance is high enough.

Edit 2: I’ve got the basic framework set up with hollow claimable plot (full column) for your portal. Still doing some structural and chiseling additions, but you can move in whenever.

I have been using this a lot

Hey, nice! thanks for the vodka I MEAN platform :smiley:


I’m thinking about adding a series of floating “crystals” (red gleam) to grapple up there. I don’t feel like doing another tower just yet, and I also am starting to run short on plots. Again.

On that note, the platform is finished. The claimable plot-column has sponge around it, ;3

I will be online in about 30 minutes. :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose you have any of those water-source blocks, do you? They make good elevators :stuck_out_tongue:

How many do you need ? I have just a few.

Can’t say I do. If you wanted to replace the ladder-of-corks I made with a water path, I’d definitely be prepared to clear it out of your way.

I could also set up a smaller platform at the closest point on the ring to your castle.

Hi all, just to inform you that US EAST is now completely connected.

This is the portal house in Solum:

AzureHelios showed me the best place to connect his ring on Epsilo to the hub:

So for all the people who want to have a build challenge, get over to Epsilo and start a new project here.

US WEST has Nasharil already connected. Next to do is Berlyn and Elopor.
Suggestions for Berlyn and Elopor are welcome. :grinning:


If a water block can fall infinitely (or at least 190ish) blocks downwards, then we’d only need one – If you step inside a column of water you can swim vertically upwards and it’s easier than running in spirals up a staircase. I use it as a get-outta-cave-free card sometimes, and also to make a fool of myself in Elop Portas. :smiley:

You just have to a) not fall out the sides and b) not drown. But I/we should be able to build safeguards for both of those.

Sweet. Lemme take a look… um and then level enough to have more plots. NEVER ENOUGH PLOTS AAAH

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You’re telling me.

My max is 871. My used 869. This is after paring my Vulpto base down by 6 plots.

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Feel free to set up anywhere in Elop Portas. Lots of new spaces over by the hopperdrome.

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So very true. Particularly if you’re planning on building something in the 100-200 block-high range (And by this, I meaning something that spans from the ground to 100-200 blocks higher than its base). I may still be working on the ring, but I’ve got a planet-diameter warp up now, and I’m only getting closer to having complete pavement and lights every day!


Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have connected Berlyn to the portal hub now too.

I could not find a better place than New Berlyn to place the portal house.
Next is Elopor.

Have fun !


A little update:

Elopor is now connected also. (Elop Portas)

You can find the portal house in the back at the new market.
Directly next to @AmandaPan, @Cloud-Strife and @Scratchnwiff.

Just let me know if this is the best place please.


Hi all, just a little update !

The giant portal hub now has shop plots around it.

Here is an image from really high up in the air looking down on the hub.

You can see 7 plots on each side. So there are 28 shop plots in total.
The plots are available in: 2x2x2 and 3x2x2.

As these plots are quite big I expect people to build a shop and not just a single portal to some other place.
(Nedaryn made just a portal but he promised me to build a normal shop on his 3x2x2 plot the moment his sculpting-festival is over.)

Some very simpel rules for these shop plots:

  • It needs to be a shop that sells items (Not just a house or a portal)
  • Maximum plot height is 2

Each side has 5 openings to the shops.

From the shop side it looks like this. (and the first shop made here is from @NL-Tim )

So if you want to have a plot here too, then contact me and I will write down your name and the plot size you prefer. If the list is too long of people who want to start a shop then I will pick players from that list till all plots are taken.

Active players who seriously want to maintain a shop get high priority though.

Have fun !


Hi, I’m brand new to Boundless. I’m on Solum and I’m looking for a community to join so I can learn from other players. I haven’t met any players in game yet. May I join this community? Where/how can I find this community? I tried searching for Pixel Gate, but had no luck.

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We are in the Solum area called Horti Wimpffenni

If you go into the debug info (by pressing the period key “.” I think 2 times until the small print comes up) we are at the location:

-1713, 102, -1256

NOTE: these coordinates only makes sense for debug mode.

Not sure if anyone is online right now (I’m at work), but please feel free to plop down a beacon anywhere nearby and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and show you around the game!

Awesome! Thanks so much!
So, the coordinates led me to Uptown - KrackenDown [Village]. I’m not sure I did this right… :sweat_smile: