New glass blocks!



You have no idea how much was I waiting for this! I didn’t see that in test server :smiley: So nice surpriseee


OMG sooo much better. YES! I am perfectly happy with them now. Thinner frames and a lighter color makes them perfect glass blocks.


Did I say Yes thank you for the glass blocks yet?

Yes their perfect, and thank you!


Glad you like them.
One thing to note is because the edge’s definition is in the normal map (the colour and specular are more or less 50% grey) they will respond well to the colour of any light source. You can experiment with coloured lighting and should be able to get some nice results.


Oooooh! Even more love!


That wasn’t there in testing so you guys took me by surprise! All the love to the most wonderful dev team ever!!


It was in testing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I do like the glass texture, but something about it feels unfinished… The texture before had great detail, and now I feel like the glass is a bit bland.
I’m not particularly sure how you would fix this either, as adding wooden frames would make them more noticeable.
Does anyone else share my opinion? Or am I alone on this one :joy:
Edit: if this is the case, then awesome:


I would have noticed if it was in testing, my build has glass all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:


It for sure was :joy: it is in the notes:



thats so weird!!


It landed on testing just a few days before this release


maybe thats it then, I was on testing first couple of days only


I think glass would be perfect with no frame and just reflections.

Oh and can chisel glass with skill


agree, but they said their software can’t render it that way. I am happy with this one though. It holds light effects, and the grey doesn’t stand out very much and blends right in at a distance, so our glass wall,looks like a glass wall.


Im satisfied


Glass feels unfinished to me. I appreciate that the new glass basically satisfied all of the previous demands within what is possible with the engine, but it does it in the most… boring (?) way possible.

I know I’m being picky here, but I would love to see some creative decorative glass patterns like we see with the new decorative wood patterns. I would even be satisfied with more opaque “glass” window blocks with color and reflective surfaces like the gleam lanterns but more refined and non-luminous, like a stained glass window.


I still think the frame could be worked on to be more interesting in the main texture, but I don’t think this is the last iteration anyway :grin:


I haven’t been able to jump on and check out the new update yet, could somebody post a pic of the new look? Please? :sweat_smile:


The new look is SO much better.


I don’t know, new glass kinda falls out of the general style. Can’t say that i loved old one, but new looks like double-glazed windows. From the distance it looks like empty carcass, I would not even have thought that this is glass, if I didn’t know in advance. I hope we get a better model, or though a few different ones to choose from.