New "Glass" Farm (sand and silty together) on Black and Blue T1 Farms

Found an area on Blue Button T1 Farms that is a combined spot with a nearly perfect ratio of Sand and Silty Soil. One clear of the farm provides 1447 Sand and 1401 Silty Soil for super simple farming for glass making.

Black and Blue T1 Farms is reachable via the TNT Megahub and Portal Seekers Storis II Gateway.

Once on the planet, look for the Glass portal on the left in the main farm portal room.


@Fante what you were looking for i think.

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Bless you for this

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I have noticed a few of you come here often to farm so I added a few personal locked storage bins (3ea Ornate Gleam Chests for each) that I can assign to those that want it for dumping materials in quickly while you have a brew or pie running so you do not have to make a bunch of trips home while farming.

Let me know if you want one (while they last) either via DM here in the forums or reach out to me on Discord.


Name of the main farm hub has changed to Black and Blue T1 Farms. Glass farm still in the same spot on the inside.