New hub work in progress! + bonus info

hello everyone!

oooh no its host again… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been given a forced holiday on boundless :smile:
As much as I did enjoy the holiday, I did have my father who was about to pass away too
and Today my father passed away, May his soul rest in peace Amen :pray:

on my break, I was able to catch up on some other games and did some server development on my own game server. so it was a well-deserved break. but I did miss Boundless, The thing I missed was that portals closed down on the hub and farms, and some planets were on the edge but luckily some friends backed me up on that. Thank you for that! I would like to thank those who keep adding fuel to the diamond and sapphire planets, my deepest thanks! :heart:

so I have been thinking of building a new hub…yes again! everytime a little better right?
I have had a good amount of people telling me that they need to walk in circles to find the portal they are looking for, and not gonna lie… I’m also struggling with this. so I will work on a color-coded hub for easy navigation :thinking:
the new hub will be bigger and better! let that hub take over the universe.

meanwhile, I will also keep working on my workshop on Gellis, since that needs lots of work still.
so I have a lot of things to do! But hey 17th of September I’m here on Boundless for 5 years! :partying_face: :partying_face:: but I’m ready for the next 5 years!

I will post pics of the new hub in progress once in a while to keep those interested up to date :slight_smile:

if you like to reserve a spot for the new hub please let me know up to 22 blinksecs!
I will be paying for all connections (unless people like to fuel themself)
and those already on the hub will just be seamlessly transferred


I find that hard to believe if you ever went to the TNT Hub. You cannot get much easier to find a portal to a planet than that.

But hey you do you. :innocent: :+1:


Sorry to hear about your father. Have fun on the new hub.

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Sorry to hear about your father’s passing. Today is the third anniversary of my own father’s passing.

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We both already know i need to reserve a port or to two to planet Kakarot :smiley:

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Welcome back!

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Very sorry to hear of Fathers passing.

Welcome back Host my friend.

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My condolences on the passing of your father.
Mine passed away last december just before christmas. As tough as it has been, having somewhere like Boundless to lose yourself for a while does help so welcome back and look forward to seeing the new hub!

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My condolences :pray: :frowning_face:

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My condolences on the passing of your father.

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Condolences on the loss of your father.

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Sorry for your loss @HOST

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Yoooo there he is.
Terribly sorry to hear about your loss Host, my condolences.
New Projects are exciting! Looking forward to checking it out. If I can ever finish my little project maybe I’ll see if I can get a little link in your hub.
Welcome back!

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I will :pray: for you and your family host. Loosing a close family member is always hard.

If you’re looking for hub ideas, you could also use alpha numerical. Like have different sections use the letters, and if you use multiple floors you can use two digit numbers as well (like A12 would be section A first floor, second portal) or something like that. Colors works too of course.

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So how about People that are color blind…
Everyone is unique i understand it but just make signs so People like me can see whats Where

Not many have it but i do. :roll_eyes:


thanks, everyone for the love! :heart: :heart: :heart: from the bottom of my heart, thank you


thanks bro

my condolences :pray:

noted :wink:

thanks, bro much appreciated!

its life :slight_smile: luckily my mind is on a different level, and coping is a no-stressor
thank you :slight_smile:

my deepest thanks! and my condolences back to you my friend. :heart:
boundless does help, but the 2 weeks of forced holiday, was exactly the same time my father was on his deathbed. so it was a double-critical hit. but, I suck it up and continue! :muscle: :muscle:

thank you :heart:

thank you tootsybootsy :heart:

thank you Eneit!! :heart:

all good brotha , thanks for your love :heart:

da HOST is in da house! ready for round 2!, :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for your condolence message :heart: much appreciated
I love new projects, the thing is I made a new hub to make it easier for people, yet it was not perfect
each new hub will increase its awesomeness! but this is the final form.
Color-coded directions like THE FUTURE MALL is the best idea for a hub.
a link is always possible.

thank you, bro! much appreciated, people are lazy reading I noticed. no matter how big the signs are :rofl:
I will go with colors, it’s easier for people.
but I do work with multi-floors now.

I’m color-blind too, that’s why my builds are so ‘‘different’’ I mix colors others would not dare mix with with such colors

ooh here’s a screenshot update people!


I freaking love it :heart:

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looks awesome, cant wait for its final form :smiley:

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some more pics


nearly done! ( 3 floors view)