New machine: Incinerator

Sometimes, I want to dump my trash somewhere I never have to see it again, without having to drop it in a corner and wait for the sprites to expire. I’m kind of lazy like that.

Maybe make the incinerator a higher-tier machine that turns more tier 1 items into spark? Low amounts of spark, for sure. Like… we wouldn’t want to reach a point where dumping items is suddenly more spark-efficient than coal.


Yes please!

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I used to have a sinkhole just outside my door. Gravel? In it goes. Sand? Leaves? Wood tools? Over the edge. It’s just like in real life.

Ha! Same. I “live in a van, down by the river” and chuck things in the water when I’m in my upstairs area.

Lol, we have a pit like 2 plots deep with torches in it and a sign above that says, “Incinerator”.:joy::joy:


Love this idea. c:

I think we need this for the new patch so we can put all our forged items with defects and quirks in it. Too time consuming to have to go and throw them off a bridge all the time.


I think they should just put the next patch in an incinerator and start from scratch.

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Make Lava destroy items and give als Lava Buckets.
(And Water Buckets ofc.)

I suggested something similar to this, a recycling machine, that can return greatly reduced ingredients from a crafted item or a small amount coin from base items.

I think the game needs someway to get rid of items, an incinerator is a good option, but turning useless items into a small amount of useful ones would be better, in my opinion.


Either that or just a simple delete from inventory option. I usually don’t throw things away, but it would still be nice to have.

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If it gives a few coins, for crunching good stuff, I’m in. lol


^^^^ this :joy::ok_hand:

In MC I used to build a lava pit especially for getting rid of items. Something similar like a recycling machine would be pretty cool. Maybe recycle for a small amount of coin or something?

First recipe 100s of foliage to (any)leaf’s…
similarly high conversion rate ash to charcoal

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