New Player - Deciding where to settle

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Just bought the game on a recommendation from a friend and liking the game so far. I’m on US East, and just arrived at Pixel Gate after exploring for a few hours. Is there any rules for building nearby? From what I understand Pixel Gate is the capital of Solum and the place to set up shops.


ok her i link ya big active comunity
new project


if ya like we provide metal tool set to help out your start up leveling

go to huge building in pixelgate and take portal to aquatopia ill be around there somewhere pixel is not super active but your choise where ya settle


There’re no written rules saying you cant build in certain places (the game is called boundless after all :D)
But its an unwritten law/ common decency to respect people builds, and if you settle near them dont grief them and keep within the theme (If its themed)

The players in this community are really reasonable and easy to get on with, welcome to the game.


oh and i got one off the most active shop areas if you into shops :smile:

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I picked an ice mountain uninahbited by others. I’ve only been playing for a week. If I need stuff that generally isn’t found in abundance, I head to the shops. Many of the shops are a sorry state of affairs and are empty for days, so if I see someone who keeps theirs updated I’ll do a token buy just to let someone know that someone appreciates their efforts, and then of course I go and grab what I need.

I’m on a huge mountain 294N 36E (Frost Cavern, Solus) so if you’re wanting to pick a place where you absolutely know you’re not infringing on others styles etc, rock on up, you’re more than welcome. I’m right at the top and there’s a whoooole mountain below me.


Thanks for the offers/advice. Right now I built a tiny hut just outside Pixel Gate and decided to mess around for a week or so until I learn how everything works. Excited to dig in and help out with some building projects eventually.