New player questions (more)

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just started playing on Steam, here are a couple of questions.

  1. what is the easiest way to move an item from inventory to your hands?
    unless I am missing something, this seems cumbersome from a work bench

  2. are there any vehicles or mounts in late game?

  3. when mining … are the better ores deeper in the ground?
    what ores are generally found at what depths?

  4. how do i create a teleporter from my beacon area, to a friends area.
    is that what warp gates are for?

  5. is there a global market to buy mats and items?

  6. is the only weapon in the game the slingbow?

  7. is it more effective to use bombs to mine ore?
    can a bomb carve out a large space underground?

  8. food seems to be a problem in the early game. what the best source for food

  9. is there a page that explains the orange and green bars at the bottom of the screen?

  10. is it possible to dual wield weapons? one in each hand?

  11. are there better sources of illumination besides torches?

  12. is it possible to mark a location on the map?

  13. how do I see a map of the local area? there doesn’t seem to be a map function.

  14. is anyone modding the game?

more Later, and having fun

  1. you can Ctrl and shift click items depending on your which hand you want it.

  2. sorry no vehicles

  3. yes, you can use an atlas to find a hot spot but ores and gems have prefer depth copper and iron are found close to the surface, gold and silver 20-30, titanium Is usually very low. 5-10.

  1. You can shift-click your items and it will automatically put it in your next available slot, starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise. Left click for left hand, right click for right hand.

  2. No, but you will eventually create powerful grapples to fling yourself across the land/city-scape like spider-oortian.

  3. There’s a menu called Knowledge that you can use to see all in-game blocks and items, sorted by type. As you click on an item or block it gives you information on where to find it. In general rarer ores will be at lower altitude and on higher-level planets, but not always 100% the case. (Topaz is found pretty high up.)

  4. There are Warp Conduits which are 1-time use and cost Coin. Then there are Portal Conduits, which is somewhat late-game, which are fueled by Oort Shards and can stay open for days and even weeks. The conduits can be bought fairly cheap, but keeping them fueled can get costly until you start hunting.

  5. There’s nothing like that as far as hard-coded or run by NPCs. The economy is completely player-driven. The most comprehensive market is the Gyosha Mall on Gyosha Ophin, which can be accessed through many different portals. If you need more info on this just let me know.

  6. There’s the Slingbow and the Explorer Fist. The latter hits harder but slower, and lower range. We’re hoping to see more weapon options in the future with the release of Titans and higher tier planets.

  7. The problem with Bomb mining is that if the bomb destroys the blocks, they don’t drop. So if you can do enough damage to destroy regular rock but not destroy the ores, then its viable. Late game using AoE hammers is the best bet.

  8. Kill weak critters and cook the meat. Or you can buy some super cheap, food becomes very plentiful later on. But as long as you cook whatever food it’ll do you more good.

  9. Green is HP, yellow is Energy. The more HP you get, your HP bar can turn blue and eventually purple. The darker portion of your energy lets you know when you will begin to starve and take periodic damage. The hungrier you get, the lower your Energy bar gets, until you reach that starvation point.

  10. Yes.

  11. Yes. Basic Torch -> Torch -> Gem Torch -> Lantern -> Gleam Lantern; certain items can be Forged with a Light property as well, as well as there being a Light Epic skill as you level.

  12. Yes, [P] opens your Locations menu. You can add your current location to the list to save it, and then can warp back to it later. You can also save Beacons to your location list.

  13. You will be able to craft an Atlas, which will be a globe that attunes to the planet you activate it on. You’ll have to explore Regions to see more of the Atlas. You can also put resources into the Atlas to activate a Heatmap to find more of that resource. Does not account for altitude though.

  14. There are some very light mods, like UI. I’m not familiar with them though. I do believe the Devs intend to make the game very modable later on.

  1. There are also Light brews.

On starter planets, foliage(leaves) drops starberry which can be eaten raw or cooked in a furnace. Digging dirt of any type on those low level worlds will produce earthyam(potato) which can also be eaten raw or cooked. A lot of shops sell them pretty cheap as well. Some mushrooms drop edible lamella which can be cooked with water bucket or raw meat in a furnace to produce soups.

  1. No vehicles, but long-range grapples are a great way to travel. Kinda like Spiderman. The group hunts on high tier planets really benefit from them.

  2. Ores on Tier 1 & 2 planets is mostly copper - a little iron. Higher tier planets for higher level players and iron, silver, gold, titanium, gems etc - or it’s hard work if you’re not ready/prepared.

The difference in mining/clearing large areas is incredible as you level. You go from hitting a stone multiple times slowly in the beginning to destroying a 3x3 area of blocks with each hit and hitting 2 or 3 times each second with the skill points invested, aoe hammers (forged tools are like enchanted items in Minecraft) and speed brews. Can literally moved mountains in a few hours once you get it down.

I’ll be on tonight I can throw you a Golden Fist forged with long range for hunting and breaking blocks from a distance.

If you get your feet on the ground try and find a portal network, they are huge galactic networks spanning all the planets, but people are friendly and will show you around. I got lost my first time in one had to ask someone to show me the way back lol

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thanks! … my handle in Steam is xamax_in_dc - send me a friend request

does anyone think the deluxe edition is worthwhile?
seems like it is a few items that are of questionable worth.

If you like to build a lot then absolutely. You get 10% more plots on your account with it.


I got the deluxe edition and it was worth it, I just wanted to be able to make gold fists though :wink:


how do you move items like the crafting table ?

You break them with almost any tool, a chisel will rotate it

do you get the resources back … that went into crafting it?

They’re not destroyed

If youre standing close enough, and have the space in your inventory, you’ll automatically pick up anything that was in the crafting table. If you don’t have the space or are not close enough it drops it like normal item drops.

Good questions btw. All helps with other people looking for info! Also, the developers pay attention to what trips people up - especially at the start.

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct” - Frank Herbet, Dune


just send u an invite on steam

These are all good questions and I hope the devs are taking note!

  1. Hit the E key to see inventory and hand rotations then drag and drop.

Also don’t forget the tab and esc keys.