New Player Troubles---Emergency Warping/Fell Down Hole/ETC

Ok, so I’m aware that as a new player who hasn’t done any homework that I’m going to mess up. However, I’ve now ended up at the bottom of a mine (accidentally few through a hole) and burned 100 gold trying to emergency warp my way out. Dying doesn’t respawn me and I didn’t have any saves for previous moments. What’s the next option???

Update. Actually respawned outside of the mine after dying a couple of times. Now I’m just out 75 gold and 2 tools about to break. Stinks but lesson learned I guess.

This is supposed for holes where you “stuck” eg. 1 block in diameter, 10 blocks deep and protected by beacons (eg. traps). It’s not useable for caves because they are natural formations and there is always a way out - in the worst case you have to dig your way out (yes, this will take some time).

Ouch. But I’m glad you made it out.

I fell in an ice raveen yesterday with wooden tools. Certainly brings out the creativity :nerd_face: