New player welcoming crew

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So I know that boundless has a problem with keeping its new players sometimes, I wanted to try to form some sort of boundless welcoming crew to help new players out and the possibility of keeping them in the community. I had asked some of the games recent new players to what had turned them down and they said that it was a lack of tutorial and the process of getting started up. I usually go to new players to help them when I can because remember when I had started I had not talked to anyone for the first week of playing until the Gleambow event had started up and I had met ILLN and started to get a better understanding of the game, and being alone was quite frustrating trying to figure the game out and what not. I thought if we could make a welcoming committee of sorts we could help new players learn the game and actually get the boundless spirit going. I’m already based on Beckon one of the starting planets, and will usually run to new players to help when I can. I dot expect or really want the players to have to feel like they owe anything to me either, I just want them to understand the game and have fun just like me. I believe i can make this work and I was wondering if anyone else would maybe wanna help on this new effort that I want to get started. :smile:


I have a whole crew of newer players at Legendville Mall, I help them and they help each other :blush: it’s nice to see


I’m relatively new been playing a month or so. I’m still figurine the game out. Iv come across a lot of helpful people the lack of tutorial was frustrating but I believe once you get past that its one of the beat games I’ve played there’s a lot to learn but no real way of knowing where to get Certain items and such and how to do certain things. So this would be a great idea iv loved the help and still need it


New players are always welcome to chat with us about anything.

Issue is many new players do not use the forums. In game communication are unusable.


You helped me Zebedee20

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Personally i recommend you find new players and figure stuff together rather than having veteran player showing you the ropes and giving you stuff that are just waste for your level (no use to mine lvl2 rock with dia hammer)

More fun that way… and you burn pretty quickly with this game if everything is handed to you on a golden plate


If you can remember the specific places you got stuck or frustrated, it would help the developers if you noted them down somewhere, so they can try and make improvements to the early game.


Count me in. I love helping new players get to know the game.

I’m Mag in game. Reside in capital of Sorissi, Kindred Bay.

I can halfway agree with this. I think having a veteran mainly for knowledge is good, but showering them with aoe hammers and high end blocks too early is bad and they never really learn the ropes. Typically i start people out with titanium tools and grapple at most and leave the rest to them. They’re free to ask me questions whenever and I’ll teach more than give.

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Don’t get me wrong I started playing when it first come out on PS4 and got bored very quickly then come back to it a month or so ago and I haven’t put it done now a lot has improved so there going in the right Direction just more toward once you know the basics your pretty stuffed I had no clue about hunts still no clue about exos and higher T stuff but people helping does is massive and the Community is very helpful and nice


I agree on the golden platter part, but from what I usually see on beckon is that there is usually not enough new players around at on time to actually find each other usually and then they leave and usually don’t come back, I mean to help them knowledge wise and help the find other newer players so that they don’t feel like they are the only new player out there. I want to help introduce them to the community. especially those who are from PS4 wont usually find or see the forums (I’m a PS4 player myself)as they are used to PS4 games where most usually wont have a forums or are used to the idea of the community connected like this

Good idea with the welcoming crew and if you feel like helping -> Check the ingame help channel once in a while, I am the only one taking an interest in that atm as far as I know.

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I forgot the game had one of those :sweat_smile:

I never remember that channel. I’ve only checked it once or twice since they implemented it

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It would definitely be a good place to start :smile:

Lol, understandable it’s more a new player channel. But id be nice if I wasnt the only one anwsering question x again and again lol.
Hottest new player topics are atlases (with ressources etc), warping and why cant I make a perm portal to another planet at lvl 10. What are resistances etc. ^^

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I know when I started I landed on alder, was maybe a five minute run from fireborn and never managed to meet anyone. A nice person picked me up when I had found my way to biitula and after a month of playing I started actually seeing people.

I wonder if there is a way that the tutorial or start up can give a shout out to the forums. At least then they can see the community and ask questions. I live on a t5 planet now, so new people are not really something I see. I wouldn’t kind helping them out, but finding them before they get frustrated with the game is key.


I’ll try to remember to jump in the help channel more but I can’t make any promises. :joy: it’s so hidden within the chat menus that once I start building i don’t think to check it since we don’t get notifications

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Thing is not everyone is the same.

When I started I didn’t knew a thing and figuring out everything by yourself in this game is not an easy task. Specially if you don’t visit the forum or the discord.

Most people I’ve seen on discord quit cause the game has too many things to do by yourself, and getting started in the economy to buy stuff ain’t easy either. It took me a long way to figure out how to make coin.

What I do is ask then if they are interested in contracts and give them basic kits for mining or hunting.
And I answer their questions during the way.

If they like the game they will keep going and eventually do everything by themselves.

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I think it would be nice to have newbies always spawn at the capital city of the planet instead of making them point a random place. That way they would find more easily other players that can help them.

Or we could build special areas with signs with tips.

If the message system was more reliable we could have a guild book make them join and then they could ask anyone in the guild for help even if they are not on the same place

I’ve actually thought of this my self,I put one up at my settlement the other day suggesting they should visit the forums and left the link on the sign

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