New players: do you think you would have had a better experience starting near active players?

I was thinking people could designate themselves as “guides” which would turn them into spawn points for new players.

So, for new players: would this have helped? Or was starting in the Wild alone and confused a fun part of the experience.


FYI: Newbies wont use this fourm. You are asking old players.


For me it was really exciting to find others. But I have to say that snailing around the planet gets annoying.


I think it took me like a month to star using the forum.

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I would say away from active players only cause I started with a Bad Experience near active players


Oh that’s sad, why would some one make @BabyCookie have a bad time!

Here have cookie :cookie: for happiness

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When I started I started next to a theme Community I guess and my build was begginer so well bad experience from them but wateva. but me met @ILegend then me happy Forever (^-^)


there should be more spawn options available, maybe even an area specially designed for it instead of random wilderness. (tutorial moon/ village ?)
I do like the idea of either designated people or places. then there’s the thing who can be such person/ place and who can’t and why and who makes the decision…

as for my new player experience, I played a lot of building games, but never an mmo before BL, so I wanted to start as far away from people as possible to do things at my own pace.


This was the first building game I’ve played. The beauty of it took my breath away.
My first 2 weeks in, I live in a 2 plot wood hut. Even though I was in a guild, I wasn’t ready to move into the area where we were going to set up.
During those two weeks, I trudge forward using stone tools (didn’t even know that better existed) until a guild mate told me about better tools.
Now I’ve got my roommate to join and watching him struggle through, even with my advice, is kind of fun to watch. Kind of like playing it for the first time over again.
But, me personally. I try to help as many new people as I can so that they don’t struggle like I did.
I want them to have a more positive experience than my initial one.

we were all new players at the beginning so no problem chiming in here…

this was my prefered starting experience…very much enjoyed my isolated start even through the deaths from starvation and local wildlife :grinning:

I get why various people are concerned about the new player experience and want to help but also a little concerned this could maybe have the reverse effect if the offers of assistance are occasionally a little over-enthusiastic.
I was quite content with the tutorial in ea and I know it has much improved and developed since then but maybe having a spawn to guide option could be very useful for some…maybe a direct chat line to a pool of volunteer mentors might be more feasible and reliable though…GW2 has a player mentor system, doesn’t it?


I have yet to die from hunger. Is that an achievement or something?

didn’t feel like it at the time :sweat_smile:
but no idea as to achievement, apart from me achieving supreme newbie status :+1: :boundless:.

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Define “newbie.” I started playing a week ago and I’ve been pretty active on here.

It depends. I joined with 2 other friends and part of the fun was figuring things out and exploring. That being said… I’ve spent a substantial amount of time searching the wiki and scouring the forums because it’s very hard to find good info on this game. This forum and my own experimentation has been a lifesaver.


I would say check out @Jiivita videos from youtube.
Some good info and tricks.


I’ve probably watched just about every video he has. Most content is outdated though, but he does have some newer stuff. He may be one of the best resources that exists. Between @Jiivita and @majorvex I’m not sure how else people learn about the game aside from the forums.


I’d think it really depends from player to player. Some people are more social than others and will want to start close to other players they don’t know.
People like me who aren’t super social (ooooh reaaaaally?) so I’d rather start playing an MMO alone or near friends.

BUT, beyond the other players, I did think the game seemed to lack in structure once I left the Sanctum. I landed in the wild, in a place far from anyone, not that I specifically tried to, but because the warp-augment the tutorial gave me wasn’t easy to manipulate / precise enough. I remember trying to get close to a friend’s place with it, and still landed quite far from it. Had I known then that I could open the warp gate directly on that steam-friend’s position instead of using the warp augment, the feeling would’ve been different.

To this day, part of me still thinks the devs should make their own official “TNT / Portal Seeker” Network/MegaHub connected to all worlds so that players could focus on building places instead of connecting worlds.

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Ok, I am not a new player, but I have been thinking about this a bit for a few days after reading some negative Steam reviews…

When I started no others were nearby, well, not that I knew of at that time, I did come across several people a bit later on that were very close but they all were newbies like me, we never saw experienced players at that point.

To be honest I really liked that in hindsight. Get to know the game at my own pace and once I was a week or 2 in I met my neighbours who were as far as I was (give or take a few days)…

When I would start anew now I would not have this experience. I would drop on a planet and see these huge, often empty, buildings and cities, then I would notice how slow I walk, how slow I can break and build things and would think it to be impossible to make such things (a few weeks back I had to assure a newbie that breaking blocks in the wild and building can go much faster once you level up, it was way too slow for him and was baffled at how all these huge builds were done). I would need to break trees and find some foliage and wood and would need to run around for hours to find a spot that was not plotted and where I could do just that.

At this time in the game, with so many of us crazy hours played players, yeah I do think it might be helpful to start near some more active high level players, but I feel that what my new player experience was to be even better.

I think what the game needs is designated newbie planets. Planets where newbies can spawn where players of level 20+ can not get plots, they can visit and grab some resources (say some colours are only available there, perhaps this has to actually be forced to be the case so higher level players WANT to go there and talk to lower level ones). With upcoming rental planets the people who pay for them will have a way to allow who can plot and who can’t, I think it would be a good idea if the devs added a lvl 20+ rule to some fresh, newly spawned T0 (just T1 but with this extra rule) planets.

Then newbies can have the same experience as we had in the beginning!

So yes, I think newbie players would have a better experience when near other active players, but active players who also just started!


Yeah I do think the lowest run speed should be upped a bit, sjeesh, new chars run soooooooooooooo slow…


Suggested this in past my suggestion was city’s can build new player centers and mark them on the map our new players get option to warp to new player center plus they can down vote a center if it is dead our sucks staying a center depends on ya new player scorelist not big fan off making people that but a location I like building and signs is 24/7 e person not

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Almost all my videos are based on requests… if there’s a particular topic you feel could benefit from a refresh don’t hesitate to let me know ^^