New Plot Types

I know this idea has been thrown around, but I’d like to bring it up again. New Plot types, some requiring their own beacon, and others able to place within a normal beacon with normal plots.

  1. Blueprint Plots
    -These would require their own separate beacon. The entire beacon could be packed up instantly, but require time to place back in the world depending on how many plots are involved. One plot could be instantly placed, and a five minute timer for each one past that, with the build not rendering at all until the time is up.

  2. Pvp plots
    -These were brought up again in a recent post: We should get these to new things

These could be placed inside a beacon next to normal plots. This would allow arenas to be built with safe zones above and below. Pvp is always better when it is fleshed out and regulated to some degree, but just adding the zones where players are able to damage one another, I believe, would suffice for now since the community is already used to self organization in the form of meteor hunts, and even community events.

Those are the two most wanted from what I have seen, but plotting has a lot of potential for changing and expanding the possibilities of boundless.

  1. Puzzle Box
    -This one would have to be in it’s own beacon, and would require a few new objects. The purpose of this would be to allow the building of puzzle structures, or interactive mazes. The beacon would have a menu with check boxes to allow or disallow certain things like breaking blocks, doors can/can’t be opened, blocks can/can’t be chiseled, objects can/can’t be placed, etc. To make this work, there would need to be a few new objects:
    -Reset button - resets the build to it’s base state, undoing any changes that have been made.
    -Conditional locks/switches - these could be given a number value that only allows them to be interacted with when the lock/switch of the next lower value has been unlocked/switched. So switch number one would open switch number two, etc.
    -Rule Locks - these could be placed to negate rules set in the beacon for the area in the affected range. So if blocks are set as not breakable in the beacon, a lock could be programmed to make a section of blocks breakable, or allow a certain door to be opened, etc.
    -Warp-to-start portals - for parts of the build where a player could get stuck, portals could be set up, or if they just want to leave quickly. The sanctum could solve this, but these types of portals would be much more convenient, and any number of them would all lead back to the same spot.