We should get these to new things

I think we should get clothing because im tired of only looking at cloth. Plus it would be something new to try to collect. We should also get pvp not like every world having pvp but like some worlds or just one big to have pvp on to bring a new time of fun on boundless


I would like some pvp

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It has been discussed before that pvp is a terrible idea for such a game like this because it is likely to attract all the toxic players who only want to troll, who would likely realise that pvp, if it were added, would only be a small part of this game that would likely result in negative reviews.

In addition, any time spent developing pvp would likely mean less time spend on other features, like titans.


yeah. we need more RUST :smiley: let’s raid for some blocks


To be fair, the alternative is what we have now, which is a ton of carebears who threaten Wonderstruck with legal action because someone plotted near their (insert sentimental village).

Most people have only ever suggested a friendly dueling arena, for people to just hop around and have some basic slingbow competitions. It would be pretty fun. At most, a single planet with PVP, but mostly what I see are requests for some simple dueling arenas for competitions, much like the Reaper Trial stuff.

Nothing serious.


In that case, so long as its optional and noone can steal your stuff if you die and as long as theres no locked content behind it, I could be down for that, but the issue of server lag is still an ever prevalent one that would need to be solved first.


Yeah, regarding that, I think it’s unavoidable. If it’s just for fun though, I don’t think people would care too much. People would just have to arrange matches based on their geographic location.

A gladiator stadium would be fun though, with waves of enemies appearing and such. I think time would be better spent programming some enemy spawners and gates for a Gladiator Stadium instead of the Dueling Arena.


Could make it so a Beacon could be marked for being a PvP beacon. It’d mean a city could have an arena marked specifically for FFA PvP.


Or you wait for private planets and make whatever rules you want. If you want a pvp planet, rent one, change the rules and slaughter each other. It does not affect the rest of the game and would not require the developers.


People always assume the worst and griefing from pvp.

Pvp doesn’t have to be bad for the game. I plan on building a colloseum of some sort in my town, and it would be 100 times cooler if people could duel in there. Make it so that you can’t die (like WoW duels) and get no forfits. Maybe make a staking baskets which can be linked to duels for stakes. I would love that.

I do understand world pvp can be really bad for a game like this, especially since everyone wants to explore every planet. A planet with pvp enabled would not be as explorable and I think would be subject of grief as some could camp exploring players.

Anyway, the worst that could come out from dueling pvp is trashtalk, which is not bad and happens occasionally already anyway.

As for clothing, would absolutely love to customize character appearence more in general, even after the increase usage of cosmetics from 1 to 3.


PvP would be an awesome feature for Boundless. Obviously not on any existing planets, having specific PvP planets would be amazing - competiting in small groups against other groups for meteors/resources. The best pvpers get the earn the rewards :ok_hand:


The coliseum or “duel” idea would probably be fine as long as it’s friendly competition and doesn’t have too many requirements. Maybe make it a request like trading and the like.


Yeah, I wouldn’t be against the notion of setting a beacon as a PvP zone. Even I would make a PvP arena, then, just for the fun of it.

But otherwise, nope. I’ve already had to deal with players who thought the game as it stands was a PvP experience and that taking over your settlement was a form of PvP, which forced my group of friends and I to move to Raxxa. The need to start over made most of them quit the game not long after.

I’ve even felt recently threatened when one of those players told me “yeah, I might come near your new build on Raxxa and become your neighbor” (and granted, that might’ve been just my imagination, but that sounded a LOT like “and I’m gonna troll you and plot all around you like we did on the world you were before”).

So yeah. The prospect of adding PvP to that kind of interactions, NO THANKS, if you want PvP like Rust, go play Rust.


What would be wrong with making a pvp world. I understand pvp if a little toxic and ■■■■ thats y i say we lets a make a pvp world so u wouldnt have to worry about doing on every planet. I wouldn’t want someone coming up to me on my world and killing me I understand that. But when u have a world dedicated to pvp and u join it u already know what u expect. Plus it would be better to have only one world for pvp bc it would help with ppl finding each other easier and faster for fixes

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I love pvp.
I love Building games.
I dont love pvp in my Building games.


Why do some people think PVP needs to be in every game? I specifically stayed with Boundless because there is no PVP, and saw no intentions of ever adding it. There are literally thousands of PVP games available. Go play any one of them when the PVP urge strikes. “Why does everyone always assume the worst with PVP?” Because it always brings out the worst.
When added into a survival game, it then becomes, “We need to be able to take the resources. We deserve a reward!” Every time. It might start out as optional dueling, but the calls for it to become so-much-more will not take long to start. But, who knows. This might be the first game in a million where that doesn’t happen.


killing is already a thing, now give me FIRE

Placeable fire would be nice, but probably end up being a nightmare to render if builds end up using a lot of it.

So how would u actually have a problem if theres a world for pvp. U wouldnt have to be in the world for pvp u can just be on the normal worlds. So the worst would only be in those pvp worlds to all that will be contained inside on those or that world

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