New Portal Network - EU - Chisel Knights Hub

Hey mate, the portal spaces at 2x2 I’m afraid, the reason for this is so the hub looks great and there is no issues with people setting up portals that turn out to be facing the wrong way and the communication issues that come with that. Is there any possibilty that you could change your 1x2 to a 2x2? Is there also a reason you want us to set it up? Because otherwise, you can just pop to the portal hub, pick a portal and take one of the coins and you’re all set to go :slight_smile:

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I just wanted a 1x2 as it’s cheaper to run!

We may do a row of 1x2. Do you know how to prevent that exit direction bug?

Tbh, I didn’t know it was a thing!

Was there not mention of rotating with chisels, seem to remember in some update post, but maybe it was discussed and not implemented.

We have built 1x2 portals on lamblis. You can check them out! :slight_smile:

Cool, will do

On 1x2 portals:
Fuelling side can be N/S or E/W but the destination side will always orient N/S

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This. As long as they are facing N/S in the hub and are opend from the customer side everything will be fine.

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That’s main reason why the PS hubs etc will always have sides of 2x2 and sides of his ust 1x2 or 1x3 so this issue doesn’t arise

Hey everyone, we made a timelapse of building hub at Arie and Ovis uploaded it on youtube!

More info in his topic AWESOME Timelapse of a NEW Portal Hub Being Built - The Chisel Knights Portal Network and direct link to video down below.


So … do you guys have a Portal Hub up on all EU planets by now? My home base is on Eresho and I’m ready to connect to a portal hub so would be nice if I could hook up to the Chisel Knights Portal Hub of course.

Hi! Are you looking to open A gateway in Alder? Try visiting my Village “Little Japan” im currently working with the Alder Visceroy and a few other people on beautifying the place… let us know if it can be the gateway holder of the Alder Portal

You can get there through the giant portals in Ultima HQ finata and another portal in the Alder Capital. Ty :slight_smile:


Hi on lamblis here where I live,i have met the person that built this chisel knights hub he was my neighbour here,and was a really lovely to me.I log into my game tonight only to look across the lava here in lamblis to see the chisel knights portal hub in this photo decaying.He built so many beautiful buildings he took me on a tour few weeks back and showed me all the buildings he built now everything has decayed nearly gone and I’m wandering where he’s gone and why he left? He us really talented person and I’m gutted he’s gone.Hope thus isn’t because of a recent beacon bug.If anyone knows why he’s left such beauty be grateful if you can let me know? He was only saying the other day how he wants lamblis to be great and he seemed excited about making more buildings.chisel knights you have built a great hub in arie.Ovis I’ve seen all your buildings and spoke with you quickly, your a really lovely guy…Keep your good work up and thanks for posting these pictures and shareing your thoughts.Leer…was the talented guy that’s one of the people that built the lamblis chisel knights hub,I’ve not written his full gamer name as I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say his name here.

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You are so talented ! I visited little Japan it’s so epic! I spoke to you too.You have so much talent it’s beautiful.


:hugs: tysm. This comment made my day


Hey! I love Little Japan, I go there quite often :slight_smile: We’ll 100% add Little Japan to the list of possible places for portals, it defintely meets the criteria we’re looking for, so when we get round to the US planets, we’ll pop in for a chat :slight_smile:

Great work! Keep it up! :+1:

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Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

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Thanks ovis :grin: yeah just let me know whenever… we’ll save the best spot for your Hub/Dome and make sure it gets the best view to represent Alder.

Btw, you and Jiiv are my go to YT channels for boundless. You guys are awesome! And yeah you earned a sub



Awesome, I’ll DM you here nearer the time :slight_smile:

Btw, thank you very much, I appreciate that :smiley:

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I’d recommend raccoon city for a spot on finata, i think its rank 2 or 3 but they have a lot of existing local portals there for the hub to feed onto. Sadly not involved in the place, so cant say if they’d be keen