New spring cleaning style project now open: DK’s Swap Meet

New project now open! DK’s Swap Meet.

What is it? A location to dump random junk you’ve been hoarding and to exchange it for other items you may find useful. Random doors, signs, beams, locks, miscolored shop stands and request baskets etc. Partially used tools, or old tools you won’t use anymore. Seeds. Dirt sand leaves wood etc.

Rules: Please don’t be greedy. Please donate items of the same or greater value than what you take. This will be a trust experiment, please don’t load up on stuff to resell or to shove in the chrysominter. If you’re that hard up for cash, PM me, I can help. If this doesn’t work as a public group I will have to make it private and invite only.

How to join? Sign up at the guild book, it is auto-join. I will still have to give you permissions manually (can anyone figure out a way to auto permission all members to access storage so I don’t have to do it manually?)

How to get there? It is in my front lawn like any respectable neighborhood swap meet. You can portal there from DK’s Ultima Tree on Eresho:

Sign up now! I’ll be hopping on periodically to permission people all weekend!

Tell your friends!


Such an awesome idea, will definitely come check it out when I get round to sorting through my storage. It takes me forever to find anything :laughing:

:clap: I hope we get to see some oortian honesty with this. Could be a really helpful place if it’s not abused


Permissioned @Apt and @EdWe and brought all kinds of junk out of my trunk (and into my front yard)

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seems funny ^^ i join it too XD

Added you @Saint-X :slight_smile:

you should name it moeb’s house :joy:

Is there enough space for moeb to donate? Lol…

But it’s my house! U can’t have it
Come join @the-moebius

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i waiting for winter to go gaming again super busy these days
actually was thinking you where gonna do a thing where we bring mismatched colored shopstands and trade them to matched colors
but that would be to much managing work i guess
i def have lots off stuff to donate

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You can do that too - bring in your shop stands, there’s a bunch in stock to swap!


Holy cow do I need this :slight_smile: I haven’t been there in a week thanks for the reminder to check it out!

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add me please, can i bring my own storage box? got tons of stuff i can donate, maybe finally ill be able to sort my old storage out :smiley:

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I’ll be home in a few hours to permission people :blush:

thanks :smiley: going to start donating tomorrow :smiley: im going to sort it by types, dont want to make a mess