Newbie Player

Hi everyone.
I have just downloaded Boundless and need to find more online help.
Help with building. Getting around in the game.
Any advice that anyone can give me would be appreciated…
The game looks great I list need a little more help.
Thanks Guys


Look up Jiviita on YouTube for some great intro videos up through everything else!



ask anything u need to know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice.
Can my character fly?
When I build do I have to build steps to get higher?
I’m still getting to grips with what the beacon does.

As of now, you have to build a scaffolding or use a grapple to pull yourself higher up and hang there. There are skills which increase the distance you can place blocks, also.

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Welcome new Oortian.
Others might disagree but i strongly suggest to Play the tutorial until you hit a wall and then ask. The game is easyer then you think and way more complex then you would imagine.


Welcome, great to have you aboard! :slight_smile: These are two excellent intro tutorial videos from two of our members, @majorvex and @DonBab - will help you get started off on the right foot! Any questions, always feel free to ask, there are many wonderful, helpful folks here who are always genuinely happy to help!


totally agree finish whole tutorial :slight_smile: it will give u a lot of knowledge about the game. + decent exp

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Thanks everyone. I will follow the links you have given me for now and yes… I think when I stone wall I can ask in this forum.
There is so much to do in the game I’m sure I will find my way around.
Last night I made torches but not before I got stuck in a cavern while it was dark. Took me over 20 minutes to dig my way up and out to day light. Lmao.
All good fun! :rofl::rofl::rofl::blush:


Welcome to boundless! Lol if you ever get stuck like that again you can return to sanctum and interact with the left portal to “bump warp”. Usually that will send you to the surface, you may need to walk through the portal and move to another spot then try again for it to warp you all the way up though.

Also if you interact with your beacon and move to options you can set that beacon as “home”. That will allow you to always warp home for free from the right portal in the sanctum.



If you want share your location and I can come to see you and answer your questions


That’s the fun part!

We’re glad to have ya here!

Most people are pretty helpful too, so definitely don’t be afraid to ask :slight_smile:

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Sorry to sound dumb but where do I find the option to return to sanctum? I remember reading about it and tried to look for it in the options but Didn’t come across it.
I think I’m going to use the option regularly until I get to grips with getting about. Lol

If you are on ps4 press the start button. Idk what it is for pc tho

for PC press ESC

I will share my location next time I go in the game again. I decided to do a bit of research this evening as there is so much to do. :blush: Difficult to know where to start tbh. Lol.
I had a look around where I am and found some builds that others have created… great for ideas. I have a few ideas of my own already for when I get the hang of the game. :slight_smile:
I have spent countless hours on minecraft and liked No Mans sky so I think Boundless is definitely the game for me


Yes. I’m on Ps4. Thank you.

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Oh yeah! There’s a good amount of people here from both of those games. If you want to talk No Man’s Sky, I’d talk up @bucfanpaka

And the chisel option really gives you a lot of building options. Going through the tutorial and trying everything is the best way to see what you like to do!

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No mans sky has taken a back seat. Lol
Boundless is the main game for now. Inbetween Clash of kings and Skyrim…


Haha, yep, I’m one of the resident NMS junkies - but, the Boundless addiction overtook that for me as well. :wink: I’m not setting aside Boundless at all when Beyond drops, but of course I’m going to be going into the simulation in VR quite a bit I’m sure… well, just kiss my life good-bye pretty much, lol. :crazy_face:

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