Newest forgery Abomination, Multi-Tool!


After carrying this around for a few days:

I’ve seen fit to no longer have to carry an Axe, Shovel, or Hammer! I also used to carry an Auto Loot tool.

So, it has effectively cleared 3 inventory slots! It is strong enough to 1-shot Rock/Dirt/Trunks on up to a lvl 4 planet. Also, side bonus… no more switching tools! Hell, I even walk up and beat some spitters to death every now and then =P.

Bonus Bonus: It leaves nice clean 3x3 holes, with no sand/gravel left behind.

It’s been working great!


I’ve been thinking about one of these but with glow to replace offhand gleam. Debating durability vs damage now I’ve seen yours.


I’m so curious, what is considered “been around for a long time”?


These look excellent! I have an auto harvest and light source chisel which is great for carrying while mining. I never swing it so it will last forever. How cheap do you think you could make one of these if you left utility functions like lighting and auto harvest on the off hand item? The biggest strength here seem to be the dmg on a totem which is what provides the inventory slot benefit. If you take that as the necessary buff and mess with the rest, could you produce these cheaply for various tiers of players (and wealth)?


Since they stack, I was thinking of also carrying a +Dmg/+Dura for those heavy duty situations. This is for my Gatherer though, so the 3x3 comes in very handy most of the time.

Also Consider, If you wont be using a Hammer that often, you might be able to nix the skill points in Hammer Mastery, or the Epic, and grab the Light Source one.


I think the actual totem can only be crafted by “Early Backers”? The ones from the Kickstarter and

Anyone can buy one from somebody whos made one though. They sell for around 3k


If it is only useful up to T4 I’d hardly call it an abomination, nor care much about getting one


These are very expensive to make. No matter what you put on them. I don’t know if you forge, but the Boon points are cut in half on these when forging. So it will always take double the compounds.

Just getting max damage and 3x3 is… difficult.

The easiest one I think, would be just a max damage forge. No 3x3. It would be, what over 7000dmg? Thats almost good enough as a weapon too.


I just said it 1-shots everything up to Lvl 4 planets. But it will 1-shot Dirt/Mushrooms/Boulders on a lvl5 Planet.

For sure, it doesn’t replace gem mining 3x3 hammers. But if you are doing ANYTHING else, then it is pretty useful.


Hahaha, this is great! Love seeing your “abomination” forges.

Honestly coming up with these just shows how ingenuitive the forger can be.

I hope this stays in the game. Forgers should be rewarded for their efforts, especially since you said it wasn’t cheap!

(I don’t forge, nor pretend I know anything about it, so if anything I said sounds stupid, that’s why! XD still love seeing unique combos though)



i’d classify it as an abomination if it had +dura +dmg +aoe.

personally i prefer keeping attraction\glow on the offhand tool.


Ooh good idea, thanks!


what does a wayfarer totem do?


Just a higher rank totem. Totems are a hybrid tool that is not penalize by type restrictions except combat I think. They damage all block equally making them a very flexible tool. You can revive and also shoot warp locations so they are great multi tools on their own. But forging them makes them even better.

I carry one with light, attraction range and durability with me at all times :relieved:


The only downside seems to be that none of the tool skills boost it. I guess that’s the trade-off for the space saving.


Never compared myself so I’ll take your word for it. I normally keep them “God hammers” shovels and whatever else in my staging area carrying all them tools is a hassle so the totem makes for a good “carryallthetimeswisspocketknife”. Please nerf God’s look away from the poor totems. I’d be nice seeing new ones come out though :pray:


Are you planning to make some to sell?


What do you mean Boon points are cut in half for Wayfarer’s Totem? o.o It halves efficiency no matter what?


The efficiency of these are 50 to 56% (don’t remember the right number). So every time you add boon point it will use that %


Yes, with max coils (15?) Efficiency maxes out at 52%. So 52% of your boon points are added when using compounds. If a compound was to add 1000, then it only adds 520…

@Firehazurd I’m trying to find a good way to make these cheaply… or even just cheaper…