Newest forgery Abomination, Multi-Tool!


Also does not receive any bonus from Hammer/Axe/shovel skills…


Nope, just the straight damage one from what has been reported. That means a 3x3 won’t ever push past 1-shotting blocks past Lvl4 Planet and dirt/gravel/plants on a lvl5.

I was going to make a pure dmg one (no 3x3) to carry along for those Lvl6 planet jobs. The upside being you can replace your hammer mastery points with the Light Source epic. Makes a great combo for mining those altitude 100 caves on Houchus for sapphire.


That’s rough, man. Is there any stated reason why they are worse to Forge than even gem stuff?


I think it is intended. If it was cheap and easy to do, there would almost be no need for shovels or axes. (Edit: Since they do full damage to each block type, with no “wrong-tool-type” damage penalty)


Hmm. Well I get the intention, but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Axes and Shovels are still better at their intended purposes, benefit from skills, and halving efficiency at max doesn’t keep well-Forged Wayfarer’s Totems out of the game.


Good multi tool for hunters, frees up inventory slots but still have something to break blocks when needed.


What hunter would really use those…


I would, instead of carrying axe, hammer, shovel which I usually carry on a hunt.


Why O.o… just curious.


I use titanium bow with augments, don’t want to waste too many augments on breaking blocks. I also use gold fists which I can’t craft and have to buy so I don’t want to waste on breaking blocks either. I haven’t tried the totem yet but now I just might. Maybe if I tried it might change my mind, but theory seems like a good idea to me.


Ya, I used to always carry an unforged Titanium Axe/Shovel/Hammer with me… cause, you just never know when you might see something you want. Now i just carry a stack of these. Instant inventory space!


You have any for sale?


They are nice for every hunter to have and able to bust meteors and dig a hole, and chop a tree all in one without desperately need inventory space on hunts. I have been using them and would go far as to say its a must have tool. Now that prices are 3k-4k instead of 12k-20k when the game went live.

Forges I would guess 7k-10k. Far better deal than burning a 20k gem hammer, and still needing shovel and axe.


Sigh… Zina no its not a 20k gem hammer can break 1 T6 rock and 2 shot any other T6 block. These are a waste of money and would take like 4-5 shots on a T6 planet… They are wasting money but let them.


Just to correct, the item pictured above does 2 shot Rock, Dirt, and Trunks on a T6 planet.


I know, but who wants a 2 shot? I live on shedu, if I had to 2 shot any stone it would be horrible. Why get something that at max 2 shots something, when you can have something that 1 shots something and 1-2 shots everything else?

Lets do a race, my hammer vs your tool. We will break 100 blocks of each type, and bet 100k. First to collect 100 wood, 100 dirt, and 100 rock wins. No speed potions etc

You’re also forgetting it has 1/2 the durability and 1/2 the attack speed of a hammer too.

With that, a forged version would be say 10k? if it takes two thats 20k. Thats the cost of 1 gem hammer with half the damage and half the speed. Do the math


Lol, why do i keep thinking of Paul Bunyan?

Not necessary. Your hammer is my hammer as well. I still use them to gem mine. But not all of us live on Shedu. Tool doesnt work for you… I get it. Maybe it works great for the 85% that live on T3 and lower?

The main goal of the tool was inventory space. I used to walk around with 4 tools in my inventory (Hammer/Axe/Shovel/Auto-loot). This frees up 3 of those spaces, min 2. As I usually also for some reason have a gem 3x3 on me… even though i never use it unless mining for gems. The forum is littered with people that would pay real money for extra slots. Just thought I’d share.

So, my mission accomplished. Yours not.

Worth every penny to me. Waste of coin for you.


People should not invest in a T3 world though. Progression is broke, I am sorry. Progression is the issue. It would be much more cost effective, to wait save 7k more (17k 1 shot hammers from Larky hand traded). Then go straight to mining a T6 world.

Progression is 100% the issue, this is why it is useless for everyone.

Need levels for the hammer? Buy a super cheap 3x3 non gem hammer, and go mine a T1 for rock under pie, then mass convert it over pie. Levels 1-50 in one day.


Wow… Just wow…

Well, I disagree with everything you said. But thank you for your input.


You disagree, because it hurts your business model.

Want me to break the math down, and destroy it? Don’t screw people over please, were already hurting for players.

I will buy them a hammer myself, before I let them get screwed like that.