Newest forgery Abomination, Multi-Tool!


Lol, man. I haven’t ever put one of these up for sale. Soooo… lol, what!!!


Fine let me break the math down for you then,

Crappy 1 shot hammer

5.1k dmg, for 1 shot 3x3 on a T6, 17k in cost They can have 4k Durability.

Your tool has 1500, for roughly 10k in cost forged. to get the same usage out of it, you have to buy 2 1/2 to = 4k Durability.

Thats 25k. Now DOUBLE it, due to the fact that it requires TWO hits.

Thats 50k in cost.

Now you can say, but but its for wood and dirt… a crappy T6 hammer will still performe the same task, equally if not faster, due to attack speed on other blocks.

Attack speed on that is 25, attack speed on a crappy hammer is at least 50. Thats twice the attack speed of your tool.

So a ■■■■ ton more cost, while doing less and at half the speed?

These hammers are just 17k hand traded and it does everything your tool does, faster and at less cost.

Not to mention your tool is HARD as hell to forge… good luck getting decent dura etc on it.


Thanks for that math! Your input is valuable!

I will go rethink my life, and stop sharing my creations in the “creations” section of the forum. Dodged a bullet there… :+1:


Be sarcastic or not, I am just trying to save people before they waste money.

Edit I was wrong on one part, it would be 2 1/4 not 2 1/2 but its still a huge waste.


I’m coming up with an easy way to forge a version of these that will come in useful for me. I find myself farming single hit plants more often than not. Stand by! As I will be selling those.


Please don’t stop sharing your forging creations. I think these totems are a very clever and useful idea for saving on pack space and I’m closely following further optimizations.

Just today my hunter’s pack filled up and I had to jettison some stuff I would have rather brought home. On the whole hunt I probably swung my axe a total of 10 times and my hammer another 10. I didn’t even use my shovel but, like, you never know. These tools would give me the peace of mind to take 1 thing and free up 2 pack spaces.


Yup, please keep sharing your creations!
Not everything a player does revolves around what’s needed on t5/6.
Can’t think of how many times I’ve had a full inventory and just glared at my shovel and ax, wondering why I brought them in the first place.


I refuse to waste a nice gem hammer on my hunter, who only hunts, but only needs to smash a rock or dirt once on a blue moon. Everyone has their cup of tea.

@OdinsRavens thnx for your imput, and debate, but as far as opinions go, we believe, you don’t like wayfare totems,and think they are a waste. However it’s not enough to stop us from liking them for our own reasons.


if its for ur hunter only it would be better just with auto harvest, maybe glow and aggravating attacks quirk or something like this. u dont need a shovel or hammer anyway on a hunter, so why taking them along?

3x3 and damage forged lol >.< the title was justified: abomination

@schasm offhand gleam has its uses while mining, cause u can close lava holes instantly. When gathering or hunting i have my offhand glow forged grappling hooks. i doubt u find something way more useful than this… wouldnt trade it for anything else, especially on planets like alcyon.


In fact, @crete, there are many tools that do a better job at things. We should all have 3x3 gem hammers now! You could easily get the 17k for it from… uhm… selling raw meat at 1c? I get at least 900 raw meat per hunt, so in less than a month (if people keep buying meat) i can fill all 3 those slots with epic tools.

Oh wait, your point was a tool that freed slots, which also works for characters that dont have tool specific skills.
In that case, cool creations post bru :yum: