Newest forgery Abomination, Multi-Tool!


Sounds good too! We’re working on a quest system too if you’re interested in other tools in the future too.

Bleeding edge is overcome by being full up. I do find that one personally annoying too.

And you’re right about the AOE reducing damage. Sounds like you’ve got a good grasp of what ya need.

Thank you! We’re working on keeping things organized, efficient, and well stocked too :slight_smile:


I love to hear that you like our store.

Because of the huge effectiveness loss of the wayfarer’s totem, you need to either use expensive methods or methods which allow a lot of quirks. We chose the quirk option.

If you understand the quirks you can find which ones can be acceptable. Bleeding edge really is not that bad. It deals 10 damage every 5 seconds. If your hunger is up you will recover 25 hp every 5 seconds so the heal outpaces the bleeding. Even if your hunger is low it still takes a long time for bleed to do significant damage. Yes, wonky trigger is detrimental if you intend to use the tool for precision work.