News from the Mayors;

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Just to spark a buzz.

MAYORS and CITY PLANNERS, What is the news in your city? What are you and your compatriots have planned involving your city and maybe it’s citizens?

Let’s make an interesting topic to read…and maybe reasons to get out and explore more.


I dunno exactly. Either destroy the whole town or maybe start finishing some of the buildings :joy:


Rumplypigskin reporting from New BlackLight in Biitula, everything pretty sweet here, refining and adding all possible details in my minimalistic build. After a brief break after a family emergency it’s business as normal, resuming contract work, forging services, and re-stocking BlackMarket in Iconicsberg. Looking to begin decorations for the holidays also :ok_hand:


That Sounds Exciting :wink:

I would love to see Cities get together to put up/out decorations.


Theme city, Cuttlepunk HQ is currently under final stages. Once is ready guildies will be allow to build and Cuttlepunks will have a permanent home in the Live Universe, it’s been a slow process but the magnitude and logistics of this project had cause many delays. More information to come once is ready. Enjoy the Holidays friends. Yaboh :boundless:


Still a work in progress but finding the time to finish multiple projects is hard ^^ but im getting there^^


In my amazing town my people (only me) and I want to build a giant Quetzalcoatl “soon”.


Mayor Vex here reporting on behalf of Gyosha City…

There are reports of something creepy being constructed on the south side of town.

One of our founders has built an awesome sculpture in the hub to honor the annual Boundless Spookfest.

We have some new residents in town. They brought a bountiful supply of fabulous new goods & building materials that we’ve never seen before.

There is word of a beautiful mini park on the northside, with a tree that glows orange. Some have also mentioned seeing a fountain that is bubbling with a gold liquid.

Renovations on the main mall structure are making some great progress. Word of a few new roads going in, thanks to another generous donation of supplies.

No one has heard from our cartographer lately. Might need to send a search party soon.


Engineer Journal Entry 371

The flora around the Exodus is starting to mutate. The once patchy green and yellow plains around our landing site have started to give way to a very aggressive blue grass species. While it is quite pleasing to the eye, it is also discerning because it is not the only change. The trees are starting to get thicker and darker in color. While some of the originals are still holding on, many are entering a phase of unprecedented growth and change.

I believe this to be caused by the emanations from the gleam engines on board the Exodus. However, it may also be from the stasis drive we have constantly running to suspend the new colony ship while it is being built. I haven’t been able to detect any oort or petrol leaks from either, so we can rule out physical contamination. I have made the search one of my top priorities, but only time and testing will tell.

On an unrelated note, the town is starting to really come together. Our fields are producing in excess and our colonists are finally finishing some of their projects. This is opening up hands to work on some of our more ambitious projects! I look forward to what the next couple of years will bring.

Signed: Engineer Second Class Peyago


Just ramping up our astronuclear arsenal in preparation for a galaxy-wide campaign of conquest, nbd.

Oh no, thought I was in the war room! You didn’t see that!


In Axon/Iconisburg the Axonian science ministry is reporting the discovery of an additional monolith on Trung and Sorissi. Meanwhile some news from the monolith on Til has netted some interesting information…waves of energy being given off from the monolith is actually warping the flow of the lava lake surrounding its location.


Holy disciples of the church of pie have finished their month long prayer and are back to scavenging the lands for materials to further build up Echelon and create a sanctuary for our emperor.


“The Iconic Scout troop 11” of Axon/Iconicsburg also has reported discovering yet ANOTHER monolith on Norkyna while scouting for minerals there! They even sent us a picture that has been authorized for release!

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Here at Lacuna, we’re working on a keebler elf “Elder Tree” Something to rival all other tree houses.

And also looking into decorating for the holidays. We need to coordinate with Lacuna Department of Transportation first and submit a permit to hang decorations


Mayor Mesira of Rata Rima, Hallownest Isle, Dzassak, reporting yet another life has been claimed by The Pit.
Still it hungers, still it lures.

It has started to reject the Wildstock offerings, demanding Oortians oblivious to its existence.


Cant wait to see that! I searched for one on Ark but never found one before I stopped playing :cry:

Also, im appointing myself mayor of Melissa Majoria… Because only I live there :smile:

My plans are currently building an arboretum of sorts at an amazing place for another player. Won’t name any names or places yet as it’s a work in progress! But the build he’s done so far is seriously enchanting.

And closer to home, I plan on turning my giant domes into a kind of secret garden/maze with free goodies and hidden portals and the likes. Hoping to give cash prizes by using request baskets that buy the free items in the maze for lots of coin.

Edit: i would love to have portals in the maze to other mazes too, i know of a few existing ones and a few plans for the future. A maze hub… Within a maze :smiley:


Blaze here, reporting from the capital of sochaltin I…
I can’t talk for long…some strange interference…
… Can’t see anything yet but the threat of impending doom lays heavy across the lake… I will report back…wh…en… I get a…zzkkkkk


On behalf of Hotdog Mountain, I wish i had better things to report. After the fall of Waterfront Outlets, all the hotdog flowers on the mountain started to lose their once juicy petals and Hotdog Mountain city has been quiet… Too quiet. I was standing atop of one of our skyscrapers one frosty morning, while something dark and orange peeking out of the water caught my eye. A weird feeling came over me, it could have been the caffeine from the monster i was drinking but I think it was something much more evil. I tried to investigate the swampy area but I was unable to get close as there seemed to be some sort of force not allowing me to go further. I started to feel uneasy so i headed back. I am unsure of what to do and everyone in the city has been on leave indefinitely. I fear for my city, and to be honest, the rest of Circapous I. I have no idea what could be lurking in the waters…