News: Vote#4 results posted

We’ve posted the results of Vote#4 onto the news feed.

For completeness, here are the results for Vote#3, Vote#2 and Vote#1.

For easy access here are the main game steering questions:

The previous steering questions from Vote#3.

Update: Fixed typo in the Survey#4.


Awesome, thanks Devs!! :lester: :sparkling_heart: :chester:


Great Survey results actually. Awesome!


I’m really happy how the vote turned out :lester:

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So am I ! :chester: :lester:


I’m surprised so many people want dev-made capitals tbh. It would have been cool to make and own a capital. It could have been like a league, where the city at the top becomes capital. I don’t know how it would have been scored, maybe on resources, but it would be cool.


I am curious how players would like to progress without engaging a Titan. I thought those were the creatures that held the “key” to other worlds. If such a large portion would like to skip that part, what would they like to do instead?

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Only thing that made me a sad panda is the last line on the first pic. But perhaps oort will be the first game ever to pull of “dynamic classes”, however I doubt it…
Would’ve loved a teleporting mage in a sandbox game.

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it was a discussion multiple times on the forums, its basically crafters and builders who dont want to fight, but still think they deserve to go to higher tier worlds, although they would get destroyed.

A thing i kinda disagree with was 66% saying that death should only have a ‘‘minor’’ penalty. i guess its a broad definition but i hope its not gonna be a system where people will just do wipe runs (dying again and again) just to do a specific task, dying is a failure, failure should be punished. but that is just my opinion though.


I think they mean they can build, craft and fight without having any of this dependent on a titan, they wouldn’t be able to leave their first world but they could still play the game. So you could still enjoy it if your not bothered about slaying titans or getting to the highest tier worlds. It’s the beauty of a game like oort really, you can craft and build and still get a lot out of the game.

No… thats actually what the suggested system is now but the people want to go to higher tiers. i can kinda understand why they would like to go to higher tiers, but i also think they should themselves be worthy of it, in my eyes if you cant even beat a tier titan then you have nothing to do on the next tier.


This is kind of what I was thinking. I mean, I don’t want to hold people back, but I suppose it all depends on the other worlds and what’s available on them. Why would someone uninterested in combat need to venture to another land? Another thought is that these aren’t “Peaceful” Minecraft worlds. It is an MMO with hostile creatures lurking about.

Maybe they could offer an option to turn off titans on a private world?

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I’m also pretty surprised by this. But it also depends how we translate the feedback. I’m wondering if the response if really “yes - we want amazing capitals” and there is an assumption that dev made capitals will somehow be better than player made capitals. The issue with dev made capitals is that they’ll likely be static. Where as player capitals will grow and evolve.

My personal preference is that beacons (that ultimately define cities) should some how have a ranking. And then the cities with the highest ranking will be classed as the capital. This would introduce more incentive to work at and maintain your builds and prestige for the efforts.

Also, I just don’t think the dev team have enough bandwidth to create cool looking and unique capitals on every world. Maybe players really want something to explore and conquer? But this then falls into the domain of dungeon / temple generation.


now that you just mentioned temple generation, i thought about writing up an idea of allowing people to create ‘‘dungeons’’ or create ‘‘rooms’’ within a certain criteria that they could submit and if approved would be part of the world builder, would this be possible or just completely a waste of time?

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I don’t see why you couldn’t give rights to people that give alot of feedback and make nice builds to create the dev made capitals.


cause then its not dev made as he said, its a very open/vague question and i think most people saw it as ‘‘do you want to have empty capitals at start or awesome prebuild ones’’

At the same time who wants to form a squad, fight a titan, lose everything and start back with your teams best gear gone, the server could lag, BAM, everything lost XD

It depends on the definition of major penalty, which is prob why people took the safe option.

the devs said that the system they have been looking at is keeping everything you have equipped (armor, tools and weapons) and your pouch (oortshards, gems and gold) and then drop everything else (materials, unequipped armor) thats what i call a major penalty.

minor is in my eyes something like wow ‘‘when you die you get a 10 min debuff’’ you should AVOID dying in the game, not just go ‘‘oh well’’ when it happens :smile:

personally i would love if you dropped all gold on you as well, it would make you think about how much you really want to carry around at any given time and it would make it more profiting to play assassin on pvp servers while adding a tension i think the game needs while traveling with alot of gold.


Let me quote the Vote “Worlds should have a developer designated capital” I put dev made in italics in my last post because I did not check to see who said it first but that is not what was in the vote, at no point did the vote say who should build it. Hell, the devs could even re-designate the capital to someones city. It does not say pre-built, I think you are reading way to far into “other” people. I think they just want its location static.

i think there should be a building competition and through that the best builders will be allowed onto launch servers early enough to start building a capitol. but with that only have the beginning pre defined capitols on the low tier worlds so it would act as a startup (provide tutorials on how things work)

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