Next Event(s) - Sanctum Builders Sought!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying the latest release! It’s great to see so many new planets in the sky.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the calendar is throwing up a few significant dates in the coming months. As such, we’re going to be having some fun in Boundless as per usual. A big part of these events are the player-built sanctums we’ve had in the past. They’re always great fun to explore, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing what some of our most creative players come up with.

I’m looking to get this going again, so I’m on the lookout for a new guest sanctum builder from the community. If you’d be interested in this, please let us know in the thread below!

Please include supporting materials - screenshots of your build, and the coordinates/world if possible. We’ll have a look over the candidates, and get in touch with the builder we’d like to see work their magic!

Of course, we can only use one at a time, but I’m on the lookout for future events too, so the more the merrier.

EDIT: Of course, please don’t be discouraged if you’ve done a sanctum for us before - you’re more than welcome to put your name in the ring again!

Cheers, here are some examples of Sanctums past for inspiration!


Really wish I could build :disappointed_relieved:


I would love to build a sanctum for an event! Oh wow, that would be so fun :heart:

I prefer a natural block / medieval style to building

Here are some pics of my base (located on Pheminorum… The portal to by base is at loc -1195N 399E Alt 65) That will take you directly inside!

Base Screen shots

My workshop area:

My farm area:

My underwater ceiling in my storage area:
Loc: 266N, -2134E, 41altitude

I also worked on the Hunters Courtyard for portal seekers on Grovidias Te Loc: -1045N -1930E Altitude 83

Portal Seekers Hunters Courtyard

Yay no matter who ends up doing the building, I can’t wait to see what they make :heart:


This does sound pretty cool :slight_smile: I’m down for trying my chances! Sadly I don’t have as many in game builds since moving but here goes…

My current build on Gellis still in construction -1185N 885E Alt 73

My Store in Nomads Market on Delta Cancret
-630N 328E Alt 66

Some of my landscaping and reef work that I did in Glitchworld on refgar for @noniethepup!

Some of my previous works that are no longer here but will be re created (already did with my sunflower bridge)


My vote for @Apt again and again :blush:


I nominate @Jiivita, @HOST, @Peyago


download link:


Appreciate the thought @tarranth. Unfortunately building a themed sanctum for a release really isn’t something I am capable of. I don’t get a lot of time in game and get to spend most of it AFK. It would take me way to long to build a sanctum for a release. They would be a few releases down the road by the time I finished :rofl:.

Edit to add: That looks really cool @Karokendo.


thank you for nominating me mate!
but i lack the time and the patience for now due to a lot of things going on. But in near future i would be willing to create a Future Sanctum

Thanks for the entries and suggestions so far folks, glad to see so much interest! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a full rebuild, creative redecorating is great too! I’ll find some screenshots of our previous event sanctums and add them to the OP for inspiration


Dont have pics… Cause i dont spend so much In game atm… But… What i do know few People Who can do some great stuff (obviously dunno are they on break etc)
@Nyuudles @boundmore @Trickyy90 @EdWe


Ahh thanks Buugi! :blush:
I’m not on much lately either though :frowning: real life is doing a good job of getting in the way of gaming right now!
I definitely agree @boundmore could create something magnificent though!


Your tree under glass is what made me think of you. :smiley:

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I’d love to see a @Karokendo sanctum!

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I was editing my Halloween sanctum already but I’ll just leave it now. Good luck to whoever does it.

I’d nominate @Iyashii for Halloween too! :black_heart:


Ooo yes I second this nomination

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Many of the names already suggested are great but I didnt see @Kirinvar - they had a nice house back in the alpha.

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I like the abstract nature of those!

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sing to the tune of the “down it all in 8” traditional English pub song

We like to build with @Apt,
Coz @Apt is our mate!
And when we build with @Apt,
He’ll make the sanctum great!