Next Weekly Dev Update?

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Ummmmmm @james or any one else who can answers this, when is the next weekly Dev Update coming out, it has been, like a month and a bit since the last one, and I really liked reading them and seeing what you devs have been up to, during development, I understand if you want to keep that secret right now, but it would be nice to know what your plans our, with the weekly updates.

It also helps with showing that yous are working on the game and have not abandoned it.


Yeah, i also love reading anything new about the game. i think if you guys keep feeding us with monthly news there is no need to post a road map, in some way you are then building a public road map. Eaven if its just som boring news abouth math i would still love read it :slight_smile:


I agree! I would love to see this stuff!

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I love reading them too… however I love new updates even more!

Those updates (both) don’t write themselves sadly, so if they HAD to choose only one to focus on… well then I would say they picked the right choice imho =p


That is true!

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okay! just send an image and tease us! then we might not become bored and send the devs insult videos haha




(from Natural Prop Concepts )


Ha yeah i saw that a time ago, ive even seen the ice mineral in the game! hehe

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