Next World Wipe and New Planets?


I am not sure if we are allowed to message the developers directly unless we paid the top level or 2 in the founders package.

So I figured I would ask the question here…

@james can you please give us some direction on when the next possible world and server wipes will be?

I know that no one wants to lose what they have but I have talked with many people on the side and they can see how a wipe would be beneficial to the game. 1) It would give you all a new chance to release different types of planets so we could see and test the other planet bio designs. 2) It would baseline everyone with the new skill, plot, monster dynamics, and everything else that has been put in this year. 3) It would allow us to see how cities actually grow in the new plot dynamics versus the way it was previously without plots or beacons 4) It would allow people to start all 3 characters to test the multiple character needs of hunter, miner, builder, etc.

I am sure there are many more reasons why it would be helpful. I am also very aware about how controversial this is to some people and how many people might vow they would quit if they lost everything they have now in the game. But I have seen many people leave lately or take breaks because there is nothing new for them to do.

I know you said there likely would be one right before 1.0 release but there is no data on when that would be. So I guess the question is would there be another wipe BEFORE that one you mentioned about happening before 1.0. I understand if you cannot give a straight answer but I guess for those of us that have brought it up and would like to see one, it would be nice to know if there will be one soon (1,2, 3, 4 months) or much later in 2018 or even 2019.

If you feel it would be helpful to hear from the community about if a wipe would be nice or not, we can turn this thread into that but I don’t want to cause a big discussion if you guys don’t see a wipe happening at any point in the next 6-12 months.


Well, now I do not know whether to build something further (


I don’t think there will be wipes before 1.0 (except the one you mentioned), main reason being that it’s hard to catch bugs and regressions with new worlds. With lots of portal networks etc most bugs are found as soon as update hits. Another reason is that I don’t think many players would re-take another colossal effort to recreate similar scale of development that is now present in worlds. Take Jeff’s portal hub for example, or Omni’s shop. Those are crazy efforts put in for a great span of time and I don’t think they would do it again until 1.0, so devs would have a lot less bug reports.

As for adding new worlds that is not related to wipe. I think that we haven’t seen any new worlds simply because there is not enough players and dev that’s working on that was doing something else until recently (it was in last dev log). As for new content it will come with or without wipe.

I’m not having anything against wipe, I have some builds laying around, but I’m not too attached to them. I like to start from scratch, but that is easily achievable by starting new char, which I did :slight_smile:

one advice to anyone who finds the game boring or exhausted all interesting content would be to start new char from scratch and try to play like it’s solo game. It’s very challenging to do so, I found another 10h or so of total fun while leveling up new char to lvl 20 without using any existing portals, or other resources. It also gave me an insight into how much game has changed and progressed. Going a bit of topic, but it was amazing, current state of progression pace is awesome, I haven’t felt grind at no point while getting to 20+ level (I think it’s 21 or 22 not sure).


It was mentioned that they are working on making some worlds in the latest dev log, so maybe a new world or worlds are coming soon.


You never read my posts :crying_cat_face: :stuck_out_tongue:


I might have skimmed a bit… :hugs:


I hadn’t fully read the latest dev blog… Thanks for the heads up.

I think as a community we could easily create a central hub very quickly… look at how many we have now that have popped up recently… But I do agree it would require teamwork which doesn’t always come easy in this game with dynamics like foot traffic, etc.

I am sure that there are a lot of reasons it might not happen and ideas on why/why not but I figured instead of all of us not knowing it would be an easy question for them to answer. I don’t see why they can’t give a clear answer on that based on what they see the development cycle to be like…

Since I didn’t know if we can message directly I figured I would just ask… it would nice to have an answer at least on this.


Well if there’s a world and character wipe in the future, I already have a plan on how I am going to approach it. Use portals as a means to have a city or town across multiple worlds. Basically they would act like “doors” instead of an actual door and the lock would be me simply turning the portal off.

And for characters I would just spread out my play time across my 3 characters and give them similar names so everyone knows its me. This way if I need Rough Oort I can be on my hunter hunting level 3+ animals. If I need to mine/gather I can be on that character for that. If I need to build and craft I’ll be on that one.

Hopefully this new approach of mine won’t require a ton of land plots all from one character. lol

I actually do look forward to a wipe though.


I’m against wipe before 1.0.

I personally don’t find leveling my character again as a refreshing experience. It’s just repeating the same thing.


Ah, ok, managed to find it :slight_smile: Here James mentions why they don’t want to do wipes.


Yes I remember that comment but I was trying to accomplish something else that the previous post did not help with. Thanks for looking for it though.

This is later in the development cycle and was asked on if he sees more than 1 wipe before 1.0 and if so when maybe…

In this case I just need his response… I guess I should have not done a post and just sent a private message…


haha :smiley: maybe

tbh I’m sucker for world wipes, so I wouldn’t mind one XD


@Xaldafax please feel free to ask questions directly on the forums.

My standard answer for wipes is still:

At the moment we’re not planning to wipe the worlds before we start the process of preparing the 1.0 pre-release and release.

I do want to start adding some new worlds to test the process of designing, creating and deploying worlds. Keep an eye on the weekly updates for clues of the dev we’re doing.


Yes please! :smiley:


ive seen many come back and new players :smile:


Double Yes please! :smiley:


Thank you @james. This was the direction I was looking for on the planning and new content types.


I started playing very soon after the c++ wipe. this universe has always had beacons.

triple yes plz :smile_cat: