Q: Will there be server wipes or resets?

We are currently following 3 stages of Boundless development:

  1. Steam beta releases of development features.
  2. Steam release of stable features.
  3. Simultaneous release of Boundless 1.0 on PC and PS4.

Each of these 3 different stages of development will access an independent Boundless universe.

Steam beta releases - for these releases we will regularly wipe and regenerate the worlds in this universe. We will not give any significant warning of these wipes, beyond the global warning that the worlds used by the Steam beta’s will be regularly wiped. So please play on these worlds. Test out the new features we implement. But don’t get too attached to the worlds. It’s essential that we can iterate the game, create, deploy and test new features, and also create, generate and iterate new biomes. The worlds in this universe are for creating the game.

Steam releases - so far we’re yet to take any worlds offline, and it is our aim to keep the worlds in this universe stable for players to enjoy. However, at some point we will migrate the beta releases into the main release for everyone to play. When this happens we will sometimes need to reset the worlds. Before these releases we will give plenty of warning to players that the world resets are coming. We estimate that there will likely be 2 resets between now and the 1.0 release.

The first reset will come when we release all the world technology and biomes for 1.0.
The second reset is a spare … that we might need for unknown reasons.

Boundless 1.0 - we will reset all worlds when Boundless 1.0 is released. This means that all players on PC and PS4 will experience the official launch of Boundless and it’s universe together. Anything created or earned before in the pre-1.0 universes can not be migrated into the 1.0 universe.

Additional: In response to @Jenndragonfly - we will not delete any worlds but simply take them offline. Hopefully in the future and if there is demand we will allow the worlds to be downloaded.

Let me know if there are any additional questions about resets below.
Please point people asking questions about resets to this FAQ entry.


Good to have this information in a consolidated place for new folks, thanks James!


I know its coming…but… it will still be VERY hard to say good bye all my lovely creations :cold_sweat: :cry:

Thanks for the heads up Devs :purple_heart: I cant wait for all the great stuff coming, but it will be bittersweet. :boundless:


Nice to know glad i haven’t rly made anything huge. On a side note, are you saying ur coming close to 1.0?

They’re always coming closer. Today is closer than yesterday. So it’s all relative. I wouldn’t infer anything about a release date from this post though.

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Even the beacons won’t save it too? Man I wanted to transfer my house area so I can start gathering resources without needing to build my house again.

At release, you will have so many new and interesting blocks you may very well want to build a new house just to take advantage of all the sweet new blocks :wink:


Can’t argue with that lol

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Lately we’ve been getting questions about wipes on the steam forums.

I just wanted to make sure. Are the only wipes remaining the one needed for 1.0, once it comes. And any unexpected wipes needed along the way?

I’m considering that the wipe for biomes and technology for 1.0 already happened?

Sorry if I’m necroing this topic, but a few doubts have come in the steam forums.


I would hope there would be some system in place to be able to save your builds, or at /least/ all of your items, rather than simply starting over.

All coming wipes are gonna be communicated. Plus I believe the 1.0 wipe at least, should start everyone fresh.


I just have one request. For the sake of god, save the buildings :smiley:

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It would be a terrible shame to lose all of the simply breathtaking builds across the worlds.

It’s mentioned


Like @Dzchan94 quoted/mentioned, it makes more sense that they will be available in some other way than being directly accessible after 1.0 in the main game - if those builds were still under the ownership of their creators, some of the builds would provide a vast advantage, through machines and compacted resource blocks.

At least, that’s the reason I can think of as to why it makes sense that they would not be carried over as such.


Well there must be a wipe at least for 1.0 to give a chance to start fresh mostly for everyone who is new (especially PS4 players as they cant play early access), not to mention all the things which ones were possible through old resource distributions, bugs, exploits and balance problems. They will save the worlds anyway, but my advice is: make your screenshots and videos, so you can “save” these builds for our memory. :smiley:


Our great YouTubers will immortalise our builds :+1:


Yeah, @Pseudonym84, just what I wanted to say. Also, everyone should take screenshots, do video tours of their builds if they want to keep them somehow. Don’t rely on “making worlds downloadable”, take responsibility :slight_smile: Good thing is that even with just screenshots it’s easy to recreate any build, I think most of the time goes into getting the general look and details just right, we can always reproduce those in 1.0 :slight_smile:


Oh man, I made so many mistakes on my builds. In retrospect I’d have done a lot of things differently, though by the time I get to the end of a huge project it just seems like too much work to go back and change something that’d take me days.

I’m hoping to get most of my learning out of the way before release, so that I hopefully won’t make the same mistakes twice!

As for settlements, I think most of us would setup our roads differently with the new beacon system, and have named roads that end at certain sections. Some of the roads in Elop Portas are tied into builds, and some span various areas as not to be distinguishable from each other.

A nice way of setting out roads in the future would be to have them all under their own beacon, and have them span a set area. That way you could say ‘setup your build on X road’ and they’d know exactly what you meant.

Still, we’ll have guild beacons before then, so perhaps this will approach will change again too.


Yep :smiley: That’s true, that’s why I could call my road “Northern Path” since I’m smarter than all of you and setup Beacon just for the road :smiley: muahahaha