No idea how to get my alt to my Mains house

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If you go to locations you can put in a custom location. You just insert the location of you alt and it will guide you there with the compas

John I did that PS4 only allows 4 characters so you cant place a minus which seems dumb or I’m doing something wrong.

In the locations tab can you go to the beacons tab and then select the beacon you want to get to then scroll down and set it as a marker on the compass?

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Alternatively if you have been added to the permissions on the beacon you should just be able to handcraft warp blocks and just warp straight there. Been a long time since I used an alt so someone correct me if im wrong.

Both need to be negative.

Sounds like a bug on PS4. If you don’t mind it would help if you report it here so the devs are more likely to see it:

I would guess negative is south, but it’s easy enough to check, just note your current coords then walk a few steps in one direction and check again and see how it changes :slight_smile:

Ok but you know how hard it is to think when you been walking an entire planet lol.

If I delete a Char do I lose the slot and have to use cubits again? I need to know before I delete.

Nope, once you unlock the slot you have it for good. You can delete your alt and create a new one right away without spending any additional cubits.

Thanks for the help everyone ALSO Can PC input more than 4 Coordinates? PS4 only allows 4 chars at north. So you cant add a negative.

I am pretty sure all you have to do is type the number and whether is a negative or positive don’t worry about the cardinals.

Rumply thats what led me here to begin with that doesnt work.

Interesting :thinking: if the coordinate you entered were -1174, 596, 64. And still led you to the wrong coordinates then it might be a bug that needs reporting. I am having a friend test it for me right now.

That -1174 can not be inputted because PS4 only allows 4 char input so I would need 5 to add the negative char.

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Ok my friend is on PC so they won’t be able to check it. Sorry you had to deal with that, hope the devs can push a fix for that.

Yeah spent most of my game walking looking for the other one lol

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Hey you get to explore your planet right :wink:

What planet did you end up settling at?

“maryx” Oh the terrain was AWFUL but yeah I like a challenge but didnt think it would be so soon lol.

This is unrelated, but, I have a dumb question. I have my alt on the computer and one on the PS4. How or can I give permissions to my PS4 alt with the one on the computer. It will not let them be on at the same time. Same account.

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