No Man's Minecraft?


those dont regen resources tho


Thanks, I’ll actually buy at that price


Thanks :slight_smile: . I will make an effort to get more iron When I get in ,but I have iron tools there to for 100- 125 each too :slight_smile:


Yup I have tons of iron, it’s disgusting that people try to sell it for 50 coins each… I’m practically throwing the stuff away.


Theres heaps of info on these forums where the gems are, search gem locations and theyre pretty much handed to you. Diamonds under the serp mountains, amethyst under lakes on some other planet i cant rememeber (dont need them yet, was just curious).

Those are the only 2 ive tried (same level as you, lvl30 iron tools) and i found both within half an hour of looking. I get bored of mining pretty quick but get about 50 diamonds in an hour before i get bored and go back to other things, and the one time i went to see if i could find other gems i found 15 amethyst. This “mid game wall” really isnt hard. Yeah it takes a bit of effort and you dont get 600 an hour on the first try, but a bit of reading, an atlas, and a few hours effort is all it takes.

Weirdly, most times i go out i find another tunnel someone else has dug, and i hit 3 blocks out of the side of it and find a gem. Other peoples tunnels only matter for 1 block. Have found heaps that they missed by literally 1 block. I find other peoples tunnels great for quickly getting to a brighter spot on the atlas actually, iron tools take a min so its pretty handy being able to move to a differnet spot.


Besevrona for Amethyst, Alnitans for Sapphire, Alcyon for Ruby(T6), Cardass for Topaz(T6), and Shedu Tier for Emerald(T6).

Amethyst under shallow water, like along coasts at low Alt(5-40)
Sapphire in Mountains at higher alts(40-110)
Ruby under deserts and close to lava at low alts(5-40)
Topaz in mountains at high alt(110-150)
Emerald under deep water like oceans/seas at low alt(5-40)

Each gem has a “twin” that can be found on the same planet. Diamond and Ruby, Amethyst and Emerald, and Sapphire and Topaz.
Hope this helps you guys get past that hump. Always glad to be of service :wink:


There ya go… i knew when i wrote that some helpful friend would fill in the blanks… thanks! :blush:


For titanium you need to look under high elevated terrain and dig down to about 10-15 Altitude.

If you finding silver that’s becuase you are mining under lower terrain.

It take me 3 hits with hammer too, and I find about 50 per 30-45 min. I honestly dont even look for it, but I find it while I’m diamond mining as they seem to have very similar spawn conditions.


Wow nice price, imma have to adjust mine abit…


I sell iron pretty cheap at Elders peak! Look for it in the Portal seekers Grovidias Te hub. Also got some diamonds for sell at a fair price compared to big stores.


I’ve actually checked what is going on and went with basic stuff into Sepren.
By basic i mean stack of unenchanted silver hammers (3 strikes per rock).

Found a mountain and started digging.
After an hour got 12 diamonds and 54 titanium.

In the process found hell lot of places mined out using AOE hammer, tone of places strip mined (atlas of course not updated), etc.

Actually against better judgement i’ve stack for 45 minutes to that place.
Than i found bomb craters with something like 7 or 8 block bombs blowing out everything from around 3 to 10 or so…

Generally from what i see good places on Serpen (and i did travel like 2-3 minutes out from portal) are mined out O.O…
And an hour with basic equipment gave null. Not to mention places i’m sure where mined and terrain re-generator not finished regenerating…

I did everything what i would do few weeks ago when i started gunning for power (minus iron instead of silver) and have to say it will not work now.

So yeah… gem wall is worse than it was.


Your best bet is to go a decent ways out away from portals, and away from players you see on your compass.


No man, it isn’t. The problem is that everybody is trying to do the same thing, go for gems. If you want to level up go to a T1/2 planet and mine rocks, tons of rocks, and then craft them to stones and refined. You’ll get a lot of experience for that. You can also sell the rocks and buy a forged hammer for your precious gems.
I you find this boring you can go hunting on t3 planet, yo can solo meteorites there.
Use your imagination. Creativity is not constrained only to buildings in this game, there are a lot of things to do to get experience and/or coins.
Enjoy the ride.


My 2nd character was a hunter, and the experience gained via actual effort was pitiful compared to just brain-rot mining for nothing in particular on a T1-T3 planet.



Newbies :stuck_out_tongue: craft a strength potion teir 4 or 5 and one hit blocks with your iron hammer :wink: Done!

Requires easy ingredients and will speed up your mining by x3


They do regen all kinds of resources tho, not too sure about gems…


It most definitely still works and nothing is “mined out”. Spent 2 hours last night digging randomly under the new aqua hub on serp, probably the most mined place on the planet, and still came away with almost 100 diamonds.

If you see someone else has been there and think “someone’s been here everythings gone” , and then give up, not suprising you dont find alot. But if you dig 2 blocks to the side of their tunnels you’ll find heaps they missed.


I wanted to point out as well, that when travelling and looking for a spot to dig, if you enter a new “location” and a meteor falls nearby, that means that there havent been any players in the area for a while. I dont know exact time frames, but it ought to help with finding unmined or regenerated areas.


I don’t know if i can help here but I’m a new player too. I’m playing this game since 5 or 6 weeks now. I am almost fully powered with advanced power coils. What i do is i go to almost every time to 8-10 alt. And i chisel a corridor of 100 chisel hit. When this is done, i chisel to left and right every 3 half block another 80 chisel hit. I make crosses and i usually find 20-60 gem per hour.
I use iron hammer to break ore (11 hits). I can dig/hit to 9 blocks far. That help too.
And obviously, i use a 50/50 fuelled atlas. I try to go as far as my laziness allows me to go, far from portals in hot spots.

Hope that it can help a bit.


Well, i fill like i should have made screenshots.
Sure, i know how to get diamonds and actually if i would go about seriously mining them i would be using forged hammers and strip mine everything around hot zone, leave when i fill that every resource was mined/bombed out, etc. And HALF the time i would find a lot - i’m really sorry i didn’t take screenshot of the caverns made by those bombs. No way i would find more than single stone veins there xD

But i actually got out and went about it as i would do it first time feeling my way. And it was actually really disconcerting experience from that point of view.

According to my experience several times i should actually pack my toys and go somewhere else because there was no resources other than iron and soft coal :stuck_out_tongue:

And I did find something so this is not that it was totally useless.
But i do understand now why people are so upset about the situation.

Edit2: @uni3k you completely missed the point of this experiment :frowning: