No Man's Minecraft?


To everyone who has a lvl 50 character or two, mines 600 gems an hour, and has 2,000 power on all their machines, congrats! You are awesome! And I am really enjoying some of your buildings/cities, especially the airship and flying car on Maryx.

However, I’m stuck in this mid-game failure to launch funk and it looks like I’m not alone. I’m using iron tools, and have been since I dunno lvl 20, now mid-30s on two characters (because, ya know, ya have to waste 1 character slot on a crafter). And I don’t foresee getting better tools any time soon because on a T5 planet after 4+ hours of mining I have found 1 titanium and 5 gems ever. Most tools probably take power to forge or something, and power takes gems. And I can’t find gems… but power needs gems… and mining with iron is slow… but better tools are made from gems… and it takes gems to make gems…

Could buy gems, maybe. Not interested in that. Not how I want to play the game. I’m going to keep playing a little here and there, been playing a few hours a day since early launch. But what I described above, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say a lot of people aren’t going to find appealing.

I don’t have any suggestions for how to fix it. But I don’t want to see Boundless turn into a niche cult classic that only 100 devoted people play.

The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

How many hits does it take to break rock for you on T5?


I mean it’s only 3 hits, and I’m finding decent amounts of silver and gold, but those tools look kinda “meh” and not really a significant upgrade to iron.


I’m gonna check out a T6 world when I can get a resistance high enough, see if mining there is any better. It’d be nice if the Atlas wasn’t the 1974 edition…


Are you mining between 3-19? In areas other people have mined?


Yeah, I’ve tried a few things, don’t mine where other people are etc. I usually scout at 16 to stay above the lava, then I have a very efficient branch mining pattern that leaves no block hidden with the bare minimal effort. Lava is a pest, and when I’ve filled lava with sand and isolated/mined it out I’ve came up empty handed. So the myth that lava hides good stuff is busted, it’s all RNG.


If you mined straight up and down every 3 blocks from 3-19 you’d be getting more than 5 gems every few hours. If you stay around 16 then you won’t find much that often.


16 is just the frame, a way to spot the upper lava level. Then I do branches at 16, higher, and lower.


Sounds just like my current state of play and I’ve been playing the game for over a year so I’m not exactly a complete newbie.


yea i have been in the same boat for a bit now in a hour im lucky to get 20 gems i dont have the ability to effectively forge tools so im useing baisc and it has gotten to the point where i only play maybe 1 or 2 hours a day down form 4 or 5 that i normally did the new regeneration system also des not seem to be helping much if at all.


Hi! Like you, I am also a newer player with two characters, one crafter and a main, both around level 30. I play on ps4 and have noticed the difficulties in moving up the boundless hierarchy.

I’ve had lots of failed attempts at searching for diamonds/ titanium and a couple successful bouts.

A little trick I’ve recently been doing is digging down to about a 6 altitude and using my iron hammers (maxed power, hammer epic, damage epic and five skill points into the hammer skill).

I found I had not much success digging straight tunnels or even crazy loopy ones.

What Ive been doing as of late is mining about five blocks ahead of me with my iron hammer and using a slope chisel at the sides while mining.

I must say, since starting this I’ve found over 250 diamonds and have multiple smart stacks of titanium.

Of course this may not work for everyone as more and more people are starting to reach t5 planets, but it’s what I’ve been doing and has worked wonderfully since.

Best advice is to or get discouraged when not finding many gems or ores.

You could always buy them from other people.

I know people have been raising their prices on such things, but I am one of the few who will always try to sell gems and ores at a lower price than everyone else. I might be have a few rough diamonds at the moment at my base, located off of the Bitula hub called “Paradise shop” for around 700 coins. But if you really are short on money I dont mind helping out and giving a deal.

I’m not home so I can’t give specifics on my location and price since I’ve been mostly fooling around with my “shop” and prices.

Anyways my character’s name is Imperial, so if you ever see me and need a hand, feel free to ask. I get how crazy the grind can be and how much effort is needed to move forward, but all it takes is time and dedication!


also side note i just visted my mineing site after not going there for 2 WEEKS and my star case i made down to gem level has still not regenerated


I considered buying aoe hammers to break the gem curse, but im going to wait on the devs instead of burning through my cash. We need more planets. Everywhere i go i seem to be in either bomb craters or aoe tunnels. Too many hoarders on too few t5/t6 planets.


So it appears the problem is the gems just aren’t there in some cases.


Most gems are lower than 16, might want to try that…

But ehmm, you’re still usng iron? Instead of trying to mine on T5/T6 planets why don’t you go get a bunch of silver on lower tier planets? Then when you have enough of those, go find Titanium using silver tools. Both don’t need T5/6 just yet…

I’m not yet as you described in the OP tho I’m probably pretty close. Have 2 characters, one is lvl 42 the other 32 (and is a crafter/forger). At first I struggled to even get enough iron, when I had iron tools I struggled to get silver, then with Titanium, etc. I don’t work currently so I can put a heck of a lot of time into this game and even so I do believe what I did wasn’t the most efficient. You will get there too, I’m sure.

What I wasn’t afraid of after a little while tho was selling things I could easily find or craft (to request baskets) and I even used to buy my iron (now I’m drowning in it). The game supports trading very well, use it to your advantage. I get that you don’t want to, I didn’t either at first, but it does work!

If you need any help with anything lemme know…


Regen bombs :wink:


You can easily make enough coin to be able to afford some Titanium Tool, they are going for as little as 2000c at some places. To make this coin you can farm leaves, boulders (opals), coal… pretty much anything that is easy to get and sell them in request baskets around cities. I am yet to go mining on a T4 and above world and I have a full set of Titanium tools. The whole “Crafting is nessesity” thing is totallly wrong, you don’t need to craft to get items. Just do what you find fun, then capitalise on that for coin, then buy tools and crafted items from the Crafters who make this shops :slight_smile:
For example if you only enjoy Hunting, you can go hunt animals all day, sell what you got and go hunting again the next day with new sweet weapons that you bought - hope this helped you look at this game a little differently :slight_smile:


I’m only seeing titanium tools for like 7,500 but I hate shopping because finding shops is just not practical or fun when shop after shop is either empty or selling iron bars at 50 coins each.


Finata -> Reaper Store (Shopping Hub portal, inbetween The Crooked Tree and Hiden Village) that guy is selling them for 1,999c

Not my store, so no benefit for me :slight_smile:


Just made an account gonna advertise properly later but I sell iron bars for 15c currently . More minerals ,blocks and drops and for low prices . At the " mine and shop " shop. At sunken city straight through the elevator portal and go straight it’s on the highclif part of the city at the back :slight_smile: