No Man's Minecraft?


Dont try mine the hole from the bombs, its a hole, i agree there wouldn’t be anything there.

Up to you of course, but it seems your pretty set on not finding them. If you stick to it and try you’ll find em pretty easy, but each to their own.


I must just be exceptionally unlucky by all accounts because I’ve tried pretty much all of the techniques and tips everyone suggests and in all the multiples of hours I spent mining I’ve only found a handful of diamonds and a few rubies, not even enough to make one power coil


In the 20 mins since that last post… i went to serp, ran to a random mountain, literally used someone elses tunnel to get down to alt 12… got to the end of their tunnel and started digging a 3x1 tunnel… and found 18 diamonds.

Surely im not outrageously lucky that this happens every time.


Im guessing someone might get upset if i post exact coordinates on here, but happy to give you tokens to a couple spots ive had plenty of luck in. If it helps.


I’m very happy for you …I can only go by my own personal experiences so far with regards to finding gems.


This. It can take me an hours play to find a non mined out spot. I even wake hours before work (am hours) just to try avoid all the aoe/bombs and chisels…
I don’t know if the devs actually want it to be like this but I don’t like it. Not players fault they’re mining out vast areas. A better Atlas would solve so much, even 3-4 hour updates would help a lot.


Im not trying to brag, im trying to help. Meet me in auqa hub and ill give you some locations. But in all honesty its the same under pretty much every mountain if you spend a little while looking. Get an atlas if you dont have one. It helps witg at least knowing youre in the right area


It would destroy the servers even more lol, but yeah I agree.


Do not be discouraged by endgame people. Most of them are where they are because of tricks that are not well known to the general playerbase and snowball effects of crafting and leveling.

Look around for videos on Chisel Mining and AoE Hammer Powerleveling to learn a few more tricks for finding materials you want in mines and earn new levels for more skill points.


Atlases are useless, every hot spot I’ve gone to after running as far from the hubs until meteorites start falling around me turn up virtually nothing. All I ever come across are mined out areas with just a few scraps of gold that they overlooked. I usually go to centre of the hot spot and then mine a shaft all the way down then at the relevant altitude I start side tunnels going off in all directions. I used to have no problem finding diamonds on the old Andooweem before the wipe. The only one I really struggled with was Munteen looking for Amethyst and that was because they spawned in such small amounts.


Something definitely needs to be done about silver/gold. There isn’t enough of it to make it a viable step between iron and titanium. That is why everyone just skips it. Both silver and gold are virtually as hard to find as titanium. I have found LITERALLY 26 silver and 81 gold since I started looking.

I am also stuck at the iron wall and I have been for what feels like ages. I love this game and I will truck through, but not everyone has my patience for grinding.


Well im not suprised youre not finding a lot with that attitude. Help me to help you! Haha… jk, you do you boo. Best thing about this game is you dont actually have to mine a single block to get gems. Theres 100 differnet ways to get anything in the game, just have to find one that works for you. Good luck and hope you find a way that fits your playstyle.


Exactly. There is barely any incentive and players either want Gem or Titanium. That’s the problem with progression IMO. Silver has terrible durability and damage but great speed which means you have to craft a ton of them, and Gold is actually WORSE than Iron under most circumstances, let alone the increased cost to craft.

I propose that silver be a little better in damage than iron, and gold be much better in damage than iron but extremely slow. Still both slower and weaker than Titanium though.


shop at tree of dreams often sells titanium tools for 1899c


Imma have to look into that. Does the strength brew override the well fed buff?


You can have a food buff and a brew buff up at the same time.


Thanks! I will try the next time I go out for gems.


I like this. Gonna have to get some brews to go with my pies. c:


They only regen blocks such as rock, wood, foliage and gleam. The do not regen ores like iron or gold or gems or coal.


There’s always gonna be that one guy who could literally mine a floating block put there by another player and find gems or titanium. Some people are lucky, that’s life. But for people who spend hours watching Youtube videos and trying to do things “right,” but still come up empty handed, bottom line they’re probably not gonna stick around. Again, I have no suggestions for how to fix it but people just don’t play games that they don’t find fun.