No Man's Minecraft?


I think you are right. If you follow the guidelines and are still not successful, you get frustrated and that is when people quit. It is a game, it is supposed to be fun/entertaining on some level. Yes a challenge can be fun/entertaining, but not being successful time after time, when you are doing your best is not fun. It is not like people are learning anything, the way to mine has been outlined in countless videos and threads.

I personally think the fact that more players have advanced to the point where gem mining is appropriate for the level is combining with the few planets that have the resources and the “new” regen methodology to create the shortages. I think the regen, once it starts has to be speeded up and the distribution has to be increased. If the developers do not want to have to add 3 times the number of gem bearing planets due to server costs, then what else can be done?


I dont get why regen is a slow process that occurs a little at a time, instead of a lot at once after the necessary time has passed


So the abandoned buildings crumble to dust over time, instead of just vanish… But… Well it solved some problems, and introduced others.


I agree it made scavenging a build more fun but might have negatively affected gem mining. If I have to choose, I choose mining over scavenging.


iron hammer, few hours serp with a focused mining build and u have enough diamonds to mass craft them in the compactor. Iron is not bad. Your skill builds are, or ur location. Or you are way too low lvl to be in serp.


That’s a bit steep. I sell titanium tools for 1199c :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly I’ve enjoyed the grind I have 1 character level 33. And I saved up money went to surfin dig down to 5 hit rocks for a while got a few diamonds and titanium traded thisebin for cash. And I also farmed fib leaves and sold a ton of saltp. Then when I had enough I bit the bullet bought. 30k hammer bought persisting pies and went off on my own. I collect 150 or so gems. Sell those at 600 each and you can now buy more hammers or whatever else you want. I just now got titanium furnaces but ine been using titanium hammers and axes for like 10 levels


And then slap kabaam Take away all mid level support. Many of us did bomb mining at mid level. This took away much of that grind feeling. Hoping they bring it back. Definitely agree with you here.


Guess my biggest gripe is that mid-game has been punched, kicked and beat up by every nerf so far.


Not trying to change minds, just adding data to the pot.

Literally yesterday, I finally broke through the diamond wall. I did this with a generalized char lvl 40 with two stacks of iron hammerss, some cooked prime meat and 11 persisting stews. I had gotten a diamond from a lvl 1 meteor on Delta, so I popped that in, took a couple swigs of whiskey ( I’m over 21 and a sissy), put on something to watch on Netflix, and set off to Surfin’ Safari.

Ran around for about 20 minutes (6/8 agi) to discover regions and avoid mighty cuttles and find a decent spot to start. Found a decent spot and got down to about 12. Then dug tunnels with the persisting buff and about 2-3 hits per rock with iron hammers. Found 81 diamonds and a good amount of titanium. Enough for 5 titanium furnaces! And 80 diamonds is enough for 10 basic coils. Also several smart stacks of Rock, bunch of hard and medium coal, components from cliff faces.

I did have to contend with lava, but I have a system that kept it minimally invasive, and with tunnels from other people. I just shifted a couple blocks left or right or up or down. All this took about 1 hour of actual digging. I still have some of the persisting stews…

I’ve found that it does take effort and planning, as well as a decently developed skill tree, which you really should have by lvl 40. But after that, all you need to worry about is being at the right attitude and being careful with lava. Btb, chisel mining doesn’t really work anymore. Lava goes right through…


If the game is so boring and grindy you have’to drink alcohol and watch Netflix while you play…


Where do you sell these 1199 titanium tools?
I’ll buy them all :slight_smile:


Lmao. The whiskey was for my fear. I do the same when I play ark or witcher or dark souls. I freaked out the first time I was attacked by a compy.

As for the neflix, it helps the time pass by. I also do podcasts and audiobooks.

All games will have some type of grind, and for me personally, I don’t mind this. I just settle in and play and watch and have existential crises. A bit of a mindless grind is actually relaxing for me after a day at work.


Black Light. Right in the center of town. The way to get to Black Light through Portal Seekers is on the Biitula Hub.


Bull* the price at you shop is 2199c

[*Unfiltered expletive removed - Stretchious]


… Whoops
That might be my dyslexia kicking in


+1 For the sneaky lure


3 hits rock and 5 hits resource with iron hammer and max skill hammer mastery 5/5 and hammer epic and max power max luck i know it :slight_smile: I find gems on lvl 5 planets Besevrona after 6 hours 0 titan 15 gold 35 silver ±100 medium coal and 150 iron AND-15 amethys 23 emeralds ONLY super terrible work after this i test Serpensarindi next day :slight_smile: after 5 hours i have 35 diamonds 20 titanium, 300 iron 60 silver,58 golds and few coal this part of game is super bored and terrible for ppls who start play now and have only irons tools without forged etc.and really i havent 30-45k coins to buy diamonds aoe hammers or 30K for buy coils i can sell only irons coopers.All ppls need normal iron and go test how is this game fun when after hours hard bored works have total zero and 36 destroyed iron hammers 10 iron bombs bags many foods .


thats exacly how i do it.
after work 2-3 hours grinding on sand or rocks, some neflix, youtube or audiobook.
halfbrain grinding is ok, better than grinding games that need full attention and still being repetitive.


all of this ^^
though swap out whisky for wine or beer (occasionally both…)