No Man's Minecraft?


I also fell for the bait, shop price is indeed 2199 (not a happy camper for the waste of time)


Find shops off the portal hubs. You should not be dropping more than 2,000-2,500 for titanium. They sometimes drop as low as 1,800


I disagree with grinding being boring, but audiobooks are the bomb for this.


I put down a similar thread a few days ago about hitting the gem barrier. I’m still struggling, but I am at least finding some diamonds by doing the following:

I bought 2 advanced power coils for my workbench as well as enough Titanium ore to build a couple of Titanium Hammers. I prepared to die a lot, then went to Alcyon even though I’m nowhere near able to fight anything there. I ran like the dickens until I found an ash plain and started to dig straight down, using a grapple to keep myself safe in case of Lava. Then I dug sideways forever at altitude 12. While I didn’t end up with as many diamonds as I hoped, I did end up with plenty of Titanium, enough to do a mass craft of hammers and continue the cycle.

This is without any forging, just plain hammers. I’m learning how to forge now, so hopefully I can improve things a bit.


why should it be boring?
if it where boring we would not do it.
i just like to make some no-brainer task and watch flix or listen podcast while doing so.
but then there are moments where i play hunter character and the turn on the game sound and fight the cuttles.

depending on mood i can chill and grind a bit, or have a bit more intensive play with more concentration when hunting or building.


There are active games that require your full attention, and there are laid back games that don’t. You can watch a little TV or whatever and still enjoy some games. Same way you can listen to the radio and wash dishes or something lol.


i do agree with @CreativeWorlds while yes there are people that dont mind that kind of grind and will happly watch Netflix or play a audio-book while mining there is falt on the side of the game to some extent once that is needed a game shod not be so grindy that you need a outside form of entertainment to keep playing.

i have caught my self doing this a few times and tryed to compare it with other similar types of grind and i found with other games like minecraft all i would need is a bit of music to enhance the game and i could mine for hours on end yet boundless Netflix or spotify where needed otherwise i would just need up quiting after a hour and play someting more fun.

i think if gems did not make up atmost .40% of a worlds resource the grind would not be so bad but has it stands even the games target audience are going to play up in till the mid game gem grind and quit and go back to modded minecraft servers where diamonds(gems) are are not at the center of core late game and mineing is done more cuz you want too and not cuz you need to.


I agree with a lot of what you said. The game should be entertaining. If I need to be entertained by something else in order to accomplish something that is necessary in the game, then that is an issue.

I also agree with your statement about gems. I think the prices for forged gem tools are too high and that is adding to the grind. If I have to grind for hours to get the resources to sell for the tools, so I have the tools to grind more so I get enough sell to replace the tools and maybe a little more so I maybe have blocks I can use to build, then something is out of balance. Either the forging is requiring too many resources and boosting the prices or the rareness of gems or a combination of the two.


Everquest was soo boring they literally made a game called /Gems that you could play while you sat there for 15 minutes waiting to get your mana back.


It is difficult to balance a game as a new game with so much player controlled content. Some things need to be adjusted and something’s will just work out in time.

In 6 months, there will be centerforge shops, a lot of item overflow and prices will stabilize.

In a game where at level 10 you could buy an AOE hammer, how do you balance the midgame? I would buy an AOE hammer and go to town. It is pretty fun.

Pair it with a speed potion and you can just run through blocks :wink:

All of this can be purchased or traded for. There is no benefit to not engaging in that part of the game.


I’m a big fan of grind and I’m perturbed by the trend of removing it from games. A good RPG should have a level of grind that feels a bit like work. It enhances the accomplishment.

But there IS a balance. The sweet spot lies somewhere between “Okay, this is getting really annoying” and “This is really annoying”.

Finding and holding onto that sweet spot is not, by any means, easy.


for sure im not saying remove the grind more just scale it back i play many games with grinding in it (monster hunter:world,FF7,Chrono Trigger) but the thing with those games is they balance it so the reward is worth the grind right now i feel boundless is falling way short of that by moveing the goal post eveytime the playerbase finds a way to ease the grind.

im thinking the key to this is if they dont want to re buff bomb mineing maybe make the forge more mid game friendly being able to make AOE hammers would help alot to get it more to the kind of annoying level


I think part, but only part, of the issue is also the environment around the grind.

Grinding is one thing…grinding while dealing with severe atmo and high tier critters can put a serious cramp on things…not to mention make it inaccessible until you get to the high end of the mid levels.

I have a character that can chew through rock…but if he falls into a cave with a spitter, he’s dead man walking.


On a side note, what should i expect to find deep on T3 worlds? Silver?


And gold. There’s titanium on T4, and gems on T5.


i allmost never mined for gems, and i got at all around 600k prestige valued buildings all over several planets.
i only have some compactor coils that i bought from a shop.

using gem tools is not neccesary to come along in terms of building / being creative.


gem tools are for sure not really neccesary even in early access i only used them when hiting high hardness blocks eveything else was iron but the coils are the bigger issue i got 2 builds going right now both needing decorative blocks the amount of raw coal im burning cuz i dont have the coils needed for my compactor and up till a few days ago my workbench was nuts a hour of coal farming was worth about 2 or 3 mass crafts of decorative.

thats the point i failed to make in my last post sense the devs changed it for solo end game you have to max coil all your machines now not just the ones that needed power for the given craft cuz you are now just wasteing spark on a un powered machine and thats a crazy amount of gem mining


I’m due to sell some adv ruby coils later today, when I do I aim for cheapest for fastest sale… I have a thread ther on trade section i’ll update in a few hours.


spent 4 hours mining amethyst on wed. had 2 3x3 titanium hammers i forged, 1 1x2 titanium hammer, and 2 stacks of iron hammers. strip mined a large area for amethyst lit up on atlas. ended up with 99 amethyst, 400 silver, 100 gold.

similar results when i went mining for diamonds last week.

To me that seems like crappy amethyst yield.


Regen should happen once a day bare minimum 100%. Who cares if abandoned buildings disappear too fast.