(Non) Competition Time - Decorate the Sanctum for the Farming Update


Hello all,

We loved seeing all your decorations for the sanctum to commemorate Gleambow racing, so we’ve decided to open the gates again for anyone who’d like to show off their decorating skills.

For the release of Farming, currently scheduled for a release SOON™, we’d love to get some more submissions. If you’d like to submit a sanctum design for the update, then here’s the brief;

  • The update should be clearly Farming-inspired, and fit the theme of the update. How you interpret this is up to you!
  • Please don’t block the portals, or make any edits to the corridor, the elder, portals, plinths, or obstruct the view of the planet.
  • Think of it as decoration, rather than rebuilding.

The next testing update (coming imminently) will allow for the placement of crops into the Sanctum, so we’d love to see them incorporated.

We’ll need to close the door for submissions first thing on Monday the 1st of July. To enter, put some screenshots in this thread, then send us the file (you can export this in the editor) to boundless@turbulenz.com.

Cheers all, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

P.S We’re calling it a (Non) Competition because there isn’t really a prize as such… other than having your sanctum up in lights of course!


Can the Oortian Oracle get some overalls?


Last gleambow decoration event ended march 10th, released March 13th :thinking:. Farming update July 3rd or 4th? :partying_face:


I like that trademark :joy::joy::rofl:


is there a way to force the crops to mature?.. maybe add some wind?


next patch will have some controls of the crop stage/fertilizer in the sanctum-edit panel


Could we possibly get a way to force liquid flow in the sanctum too? Noticed that when placing source blocks they didn’t flow, and on an old version of the sanctum with non-source blocks, they wouldn’t go away on their own if the source was removed.

I’m guessing this is because fluid simulation happens server side only (which there’s none in sanctum) and is then replicated to clients?


could do something similar if we wanted, look at the block of liquid, and sanctum-edit panel have a slider to change its “height” so you would manually set up the flow


If only there was test servers on the PS4 big sigh


Here we go again . God damn.


My friend, that’s the way it goes. If that doesn’t work, just find something to do to fill your time peaceably


Having an issue (probably user error).

I have debug enabled in the game. I am running in live. I bring up the debug menu (F1) and then pick the sanctum editor and have no options. I click on the line that comes up and nothing. I cannot move or do anything else so not sure what I am doing wrong. I also tried this in test and had the same result.

I got some help and now got it working. It was user error.
I had what we call a PICNIC problem “Problem In Chair Not In Computer”


Are you doing it from in the Sanctum?


I was but was still doing it wrong. I appreciate the quick response. I had someone show me the error of my ways.


Not sure how far I should go with this.

My idea was, keep it simple, related to farming and keep the tone sort of neutral. :thinking:

Bonus picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


…wow. I just learned this is a thing. Is it okay if I use this to get screenshots of stuff for the wiki? I mean, I’ve already gotten some good ones, but this would let me get ones that list in knowledge but don’t technically spawn on a given world, and ones on exos that existed before I played and that I can’t reasonably explore at level 30-something.

…I’m just impossibly picky about things looking good. X3


You can even make relatively good photo-rooms within the sanctum, too. Use some pure white unrefined gleam or maybe some marble and you’ll have a pretty neutral background for any block.

You’ll want to make a sealed cube/room to prevent the sanctum’s ambience light.


So I’ve discovered! However, I do have an issue where the blocks seem to become indestructible for… reasons?


Save the current version and then reset/reload it; then you can break those blocks again. Annoying issue to be sure. :slight_smile:


Dang. I was hoping there was a better option. Still, this is cool! I may not have the design sense to contribute pretty designs here, but I can at least contribute pictures and knowledge elsewhere now that I know this is a thing. :smiley: