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I am going to make this quick and easy because it is stand alone in the topic. Me along with others have found that this is a minecraft replica. Yes I know It is not complete, and I know that it is a sandbox creation whatever. But I need reason for me to understand, because I could not find this actually talked about in the forum; when are we going to see this becoming a playable game that isn’t a block building game.

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2016, hopefully :smile:

well, when the progress (in character, tiers and equipment) and the titans arrive it will be definitly be more then just a MC style game. Also, the linked worlds with the regeneration will make a big difference. But yes, I think most of this features will arrive after new year.


This is not a Minecraft clone,even if the game stays where it is right now. It still wouldn’t be a MC clone,just because it’s a voxel sandbox game doesn’t mean MC. The only reason you think that is because MC is so big.
If there was a game called Atheraton,and it got as big as MC,would OO be a Atheraton clone?
No,just like Call of Duty is not a clone of all first person shooters,just because this game is the same genre as MC doesn’t mean it’s a clone.


At it’s base, it is expected to be a MMO VOXEL RPG. Minecraft is only technically a Voxel. Until the RPG part is added, it will continue to be a voxel game like minecraft. Voxel games are a new genre, so it’s only natural that everybody calls every voxel game a minecraft clone. Same thing happened with virtually every new genre game ever.


All the shooters are also just damn Wolfenstein clones ;D … or do you call all strategy-games Dune 2 clones? … could do the same with all the other genres. … and PS: MC was also only a copied game concept :wink:


Basically calling it “like Minecraft” is the same as a game being called “Roguelike”
meaning it is a game that is Like the game ‘Rogue’

Guys’n’Gals, let’s not give everybody the same grief for calling OO a MC clone that comes through here- it’s a common misconception that only needs time to fix.


No,it’s not a misconception people just need to get over the fact that there’s other voxel games besides Minecraft.but you’re right let’s not have a rando but you’re right let’s not rant on them.

… I’m not following your logic there. If it’s NOT a misconception, then it is in fact 100% a MC clone and you’re arguing against your self… and if they “just need to get over the fact that there’s other voxel games besides Minecraft” then again, only time will fix that. Correcting and patronizing everybody who says it’s a clone will only reinforce their belief that it’s a clone. Let Oort speak for itself once it’s further developed.

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I read it in a way saying ‘‘its not a misconception in the way that its just people who dont KNOW the difference, but it is people who have looked into it and althoggh proof for the opposite exist they will keep claiming that it is nothing but an MC clone’’

there is a difference on not knowing the fact and deliberately ignoring it :smile:

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Oort will TOP-NOTCH * pun intended * Minecraft when the Titans and other content comes in! :cherries:

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or all consoles are just N64 rip offs?

It is to be expected though, its like people always comparing mmo’s with WOW, ‘‘oh a new mmorpg? it is clearly a WOW ripoff’’
minecraft have the advantage of having an active modding community and specialized servers for just about anything, personally i could never be arsed with minecraft cause i never got into it, MC started as a lego simulator and then they added wannabe RPG elements which is why i have heard people say ‘‘MC is the best RPG ever’’ and it makes me want to punch them in the face.

point is, there are 3 type of people

  1. this is a MC clone
    this is a misconception, that can be changed

2)I think this game just looks like MC
this is a not a misconception, this is a subjective opinion which some people have

    This… is just annoying, but that also happens alot on the steamhub.

Why all the hate towards Minecraft? It´s a great game that kept me (and million others) entertained for countless hours and every implemented feature was good and did what it should do.
And to be fair, at the moment Oort just features the same (even less) gameplay elements as Minecraft with the addition pre-installed shaders.
Also his question wasn´t if this game was a Minecraft clone, he asked when we will get features that make this game different from Minecraft. Which is a fair question imo.


Didnt ever dismiss him now did i? im in general just talking about the whole ‘‘any voxel game = minecraft mentality’’

what is wrong with World of Warcraft? not much, doesnt mean that its fair to call every mmorpg a ‘‘WoW clone’’

as you said, MC is a great game for some and quite a bit who see oort as voxel just think MC, cant remember who said it but it was brilliant, something along the lines of most people who call it MC can be categorized as ‘‘Played minecraft once in Beta and feel that they know everything about it’’ and ‘‘Plays minecraft with 300 mods to make it into a completely different game, still doesnt differentiate from vanilla MC’’

oh yeah, we all heard about how minecraft had interconnected worlds where everybody played together rather than small boring servers… oh… wait…

saying oort is an MC clone is ignorance, saying MC is better is subjective opinion and hence fair, saying that oort atm features the same or less gameplay elements as MC is idiocy. pick which one you prefer.

Though i do agree that quantity wise oort has less gameplay elements, but come on, saying they are the same? i thought you were better than that.

not intented to be as rude as i can see i phrased it

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He didn’t ask if it was, he said that it is a clone at the moment. I’m guessing that’s where some of us (including me a bit) blew up when we read that.

The mods made MC more enjoyable for me and my friends (tekkit mostly). MC without mods was only fun for a little while.

Btw does this really belong under suggestions? I think general is better.

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I like skyrim, but vanilla skyrim gets dull, the skyrim i like is modded with 150 different mods, does that still make it the same game? i honestly cant say so. which is my biggest quirk with minecraft players, a new rule i have now is that i refuse to argue with people who use the argument ‘‘but i can mod that into minecraft’’ because on one side it is true, on the other it requires either you to mod it or hope that another person have already made the mod, which they ignore… its just soo… GAARGH!

Sigh. okay im calm. the person didnt ask a wrong question his phrasing was just what bothered me the most. i would fully accept ‘‘when is the game going to have more than just building so i can justify buying the game’’ however the phrasing ‘‘when does it stop being a simple minecraft clone’’ is just quite rude :confused:

done! :wink:

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sometimes I think of the steam community hub as the citizens of Pawnee. It makes it all better… for me.

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