Not exiting back to Sanctum - world unloads but no input works

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This is the second time (since I started playing a few weeks ago) that this has happened to me, and I didn’t save the previous recording. When the screen goes weird like that, I can’t press anything or bring up any menus, so it’s not really possible to send a log as far as I know. I exited the game with Alt-F4 at the end of the clip.

I believe I saved out the correct log file (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\log.txt) and can send that somewhere if required, not sure how sensitive the contents are.

EDIT: When I loaded back into the game, I was still JyeGuru in Sanctum, the character switch hadn’t taken effect.

If you see it happen again and cannot submit a log in game, you can share the game log using the instructions in the link provided below:

Here is the log from the same time as the video above. The client had been running for a while, mostly idling while I was AFK finishing work and getting dinner sorted out.

Hastebin? Well, if it displays the required information in a readable format, then it should still be okay.

Was the log information up to the point after you saw the issue, but before you reloaded the game?

Sorry, yes it’s a cleaner version of Pastebin, without a lot of the unnecessary UX. I can reupload specifically to Github/Pastebin if that is needed, I just assumed the site links in the linked post were a guideline not a rule.

This is the file I copied out of the above location before restarting the game, so it should be the correct file.

This exact same bug happened to me multiple times lately and I thought it must be my old computer at fault…


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This one happens on PS4 as well and seems to just have a random chance of occurring whenever going to Sanctum, be it for character swap, respawn or just a regular Return to Sanctum.

Had this happen numerous times while failing stupendously at the Reaper Trials (lots of: lava death 🡒 respawn 🡒 stuck loading into Sanctum).

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It’s been added to the bug database yesterday, but it sounds like a couple of you have seen this happen as well.