Not Getting XP when crafting

Has anyone noticed they’re not getting XP?

I recently built a new base. I’m slowly moving my crafting from one to another. I have 1 crafter I do the majority of crafting on.

The first instance I noticed I didn’t get my XP was the first time I crafted Oort Shards. I came through my portal and the first machine I come to is my Oort Extractor. ( I set 30 mass crafts and logged out the night before). I always eat a pie, before going to my machines…

Anyway, I walk thru the portal and go to the machine… nothing. No XP.

I repeat another 30 mass craft that day, thinking that I missed something… the next day, same thing. I enter my base, go to the machine, and nothing.

So, I switch machines the next day … different beacon. Works just fine. I get the XP.

Now, today I have been crafting a lot in my refinery’s… in both bases. When I check my machines in one base, I get tons of XP, but my other vase… nothing. For the same amount of crafts.

For what it’s worth, I have 3 bases and this is the only time I have noticed this.

When was this - I’m guessing yesterday and today?

I’m getting normal XP last I checked (maybe 3 hours ago) And the past few days.

I’m getting it as normal in my other two bases. Only my Trior base is not getting it on some machines.

Just collected xp when signed on 9 extractors/30 mass crafts on each and they were oort shards as well. Seems to be working for me. Does anyone else have access to your machines (someone could have cancelled them and redid then to snag the xp)

I’m the only one who has perms. Nothing has been touched by other characters.

It’s a ton of XP too…

No idea if its the same thing but I noticed if I do a craft with an alt, but then later grab the items with my main then I get the exp as soon as I log in the alt instead of when I go to the machine so I don’t always notice the exp message since its during the login.

If I start the craft on the alt and don’t touch the machines with my main, then I get the exp as I get close to the machines like normal.

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I just tested this with making essence with meat.

I am 100% NOT getting XP.

ouch, a bug for sure then

Further testing is they are guild controlled beacons.

Which… I didn’t realize and am glad I figured it out. However… no XP on Machines on guild controlled beacons.

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Great game mechanic find Gina, hopefully can get fixed

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Weird, I get xp on mine… (guild controlled)


Is it your guild or a guild you are a part of?

Is the beacon alignment set to the guild you are currently aligned to.

Controlled or aligned? I assume controlled.

I’m quite sure I get mine from the now aligned beacon (for spark reasons…)…

Mine are controlled and I get xp

Further testing.

I don’t know if it’s being guild controlled, but the machines were in on beacon, yet they sit right on the boarder of another. So even if you’re right in front of it, it doesn’t give XP until you’re standing inside the beacon.

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to be very specific: xp for crafting is awarded when you enter the beacon that the crafting was completed in.

(eg: if machine was in beacon A when crafting happened, then plots were removed and machine was claimed by beacon B you would get the XP when entering beacon A since that is the one the crafting happened in, and if beacon A is destroyed, but if the crafting didnt complete until it was already in B, youd get it for entering B instead etc.)

(the “beacon the machine is inside of” is determined by just looking at whatever block happens to be first in the storage of what 4 blocks the machine is composed of (for multi-block machines), so if the machine is inside more than 1 beacon you dont necessarigly know which it will award to, and if the machine was partially unplotted at the time of crafting it may not award xp at all)


What happens if I permission someone, they start a bunch of furnaces, then I depermission them? Do they still keep getting xp?


the implementation as it stands would not award the xp (totally should though…)


If they’re repermissioned on a later trip could they then collect the XP, or would the unpermissioned trip cause it to be forgotten?

I presume it goes into the ether like our taxes