Not Getting XP when crafting

as far as I can see looking quickly, as long as its within a week theyd get the xp… the xp records are dropped (Assuming more records are inserted) after a week it seems.

this system of returning to the beacon to get your xp is because we cant award xp to a user is offline/on another world so they get queued up instead hoping the character will return to claim them.

there is technically a beacon-wide limit to how many records can be stored before old ones just start getting dropped too, seperate to the 1-week cutoff; but that limit is currently set STUPIDLY high (stupid like the server will probably run out of ram before they get hit…)


I can confirm I did not get the XP of the other crafts. It’s been over a week. I did. Get it sorted now though. :blush:

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It actually happened to me a few days ago.

I logged in, approached the machines (character was left close to them) and there was no xp message in the top right log. I checked endeavor and it was at 313 (as far as I remember now).

I waited for the second mass of the same item to finish, standing in front of the machine, and again: no xp message in the log and endeavor stayed the same.