Nvidia Ansel (added poll)


I would like to suggest adding Nvidia Ansel support to boundless.
We have close to 3500 screenshots alone in “post your screenshots” topic so taking screenshots is part of the game i think

What it is?

  • screenshot capture program where you can take screenshots just like with steam just pressing a button. You can then view those photos 360degrees, add filters if you want and also there is HDR option

Here is a link to nvidias site who are interested to learn more

  • Yes
  • No

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I am going to have to vote no on the simple fact that I find most of the Extra programs that Nvidia offers, they tend to create random problems from personal experience and I now refuse to install anything other then just their base drivers.

If this function requires the „GEFORCE EXPERIENCE“ program to be installed, I rather dig my eyes out with wooden spoons as that would be a more tasteful experience in most cases.

However I would like to see some kind of 360 degree panorama screenshot function put into boundless, Just not from Nivdia


And what would adding support to this program entail?

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The issue really is how long it would take, Keeping in mind any time spent implementing support for this would mean a longer wait for farming and, eventually, titans.

Would love this feature, if able to use without the geoforce experience being involved.

I dont think the game’s engine would work with ansel at anymean

Sorry, but I voted no!

Purely because I assume this is PC only (if not, apologies)

I would really like some sort of in game camera with export to cloud, but I would like it to be added for everyone to use, not just a section of the player base.


I also really don’t understand why it needs special support. You can take screenshots with it. OK cool. You can also do that with Steam. The only thing is the 360 degrees thing but I don’t think you need in game support for that just feed the program the screenshots.

And like you I don’t want any time wasted on pc only features when they just as easily can make something that everyone can use not just pc players with an nvidia card…

Alright I read some more about it, it does need in game support. Opinion is still the same tho why not spend time on something everyone can use not a select few with the right videocard.

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Voted yes - I’m pretty big into virtual photography, love to see anything to support it. It is a growing community based on everything I’ve seen on Twitter, so I think this could only help Boundless. That said, would like to see something for us PS4 folks too if it was added, even if just a basic photo mode option where the HUD toggles off and you can move around the camera a bit instead of the character.

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If you connect an USB or Bluetooth keyboard to your PS4 you can press F10 and it makes the HUD disappear.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’m probably going to have to bite the bullet and just add one in there, between that and trying to type chat on the controller taking so long.


I just want to be able to put the screen shot I take into the modular signs. Maybe then I can make a wall of people’s first death in the Reapers Trials. That would be awesome. Then just have all the pictures on the walls of Reapers. :thinking: @james add it to the list. But after the Gyosha stuff I want. Hahahaha

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Yes, please add support for Ansel, if possible (if not, any photo mode would be awesome) @james @lucadeltodecso

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