Official Opening of the Storis II Welcome Center!

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Presenting the Storis II Welcome Center!

A place for new players to find information and help to navigate the early game, as well as a place for Storis II residents to find support for a more local community.

Will All Storis II residents swing by and pick up a residential portal token? We can set a standard among the universe as the first planet to have every beacon connect to a single place. This will really help the shopping UI if players can just check the towers instead of running 1500m to get to you.

Here players can find an introduction into the many aspects of Boundless. From Beacons to Coils, From Farming to Mining, to Foods and Brews.

Ammenities for players :

Local Shop
Regional Hub
Local Farm portals
Request Baskets of local materials
Forging guide
Model universe representing all wood/rock of each planet. <— Really excited about this one :wink: Gleam next…
Affordable Housing (free to rent)
Permanant Portal for EVERY Storis II Resident
Upcoming Hunts
Upcoming Forge Classes
Upcoming Dodge Bombs Arena

Major Thanks to my partner @leperous1 for helping with this major undertaking.

We look forward to helping many new players for many months to come

Can be found by portals;
DK Hops USW regional HUB in DK Mall
Gurdian HUB USW - Storis Portal
and soon Golden Fist on Imdaari
And Hopefully Ultima USW HUB


This is awesome! Gonna have to check it out when I wake up (I’m not sleep-typing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Don’t know why but I immediately saw this

Place looks awesome can’t wait to come and see.


I can see the relation lol, Except the welcome center is full on Citizens…that look like some sort of dino/human crossbreed


This is amazing! You obviously put a lot of work in too, well done.

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Thank you! yes, Leperous and I have put many months into this, and honestly could put many more, but it has to open sometime. It’s easy to start, but not all our projects get finished lol


It’s been truly an honour to work along side @Mittins on this beautiful and amazing project. You really couldn’t ask for a better mentor. I hope everyone enjoys this place as much as our community has. So many Storis II residents assisted in providing us resources and blocks as well. Truly a community project, on a grand scale. Thank you all <3


Is this the one that @AeneaGames helped donate coin for?

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Shouldn’t think be tagged as “creation” and not “guide”? @majorvex, thoughts?

Either way, nice work!

No, This did not win Aeneas 5mil givaway. We have had many local residents help by donating materials.

And I chose the Guide tag as this building is meant to be an in-game guide of sorts.


gonna get a bunch off location markers and make a stand in center off sunkentown explaining how to use the token epic build love it nice excuse for a mini new player corner

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How did you get the ancient tech/ coal seams?

Nope, that one is done by @Spicewhale and @DKPuncherello on kada, no idea what the progress is there

Oooow should I make a Biitula welcome center? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What if every T1 planet had a welcome center? And then they all got linked up as a welcome center portal network of sorts?



This. Kinda the version of my dream on crack, this is…

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Great idea!

Mostly joking about Biitula. Great work over there! Looks good.

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I am also looking to provide a “Notable Builds of Storis” area to show off the best of Storis. These portal tokens will be chosen, rather than sold. I have a few connections already in mind, such as

The black Tower
Whispering Canyon

And a few others i forgot the names of.

If any Storis Resident wants to nominate themselves feel free to. We will be looking for things such as; style, history, size, space, population, uniqueness, and usefulness.

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Lefra is one of the most beautiful sights in the game, no question. I appreciate how the builder almost exclusively focused on build quality over prestige. Isn’t there a huge Japanese Torii on a hill a little ways from Alpha City? That may be another one to consider.