Official Steam Group

If it possible that we get a new Steam Group, because the old official Steam Group have still the old name “Oort Online”. If a new player search for it he will never find the group

so @james or @ben can you create a new official boundless group ?

the old steam group


Is it possible to rename the old group?

(I’m not a Steam pro.)

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Ah seems like Wonderstruck admins it!! Lets us take a look.

you can just change the tag not the group name, maybe the steam steam support can change group name

Ok thanks - we’ll ping our support contact then. Thanks for the pointers.


So, steam group is still “Oort Online” now. What about convertion it to “Boundless”? :wink:


good question ^^

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@Saint_X: FYI @ben is not longer part of the team, it’s therefore useless to call him.

@Heurazio I called both (James & Ben) at the begin of the year, at this time he was both in the team :wink: i ask it before nearly 1 year ^^ and @Okkelinor see that it is still the oort online group and nothing had changed. read all not only a part :wink:

now we must ask @james or maybe @olliepurkiss

option 1: changing the name (need to ask the steam support if they can change the name)
option 2: make a new group

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Hey, I have another question: who are the Voice of Boundless in Steam and Facebook?
Maybe @vdragon is that person? :wink:

No, I’m not the sole voice on Steam and Facebook, if that’s what you meant.

But are you the “one of legion”, heh? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the prompt on this. We are contacting Steam to see if we can rename the group, otherwise we will have to make a new group. We’ll let you know what comes out of that.

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Nice to hear, Thank you in advance.
I think this will help to find the Group easier for new Member of the Game. A new member don’t know the old name Oort Online, they only know Boundless.

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Ben is still moderator of this group :wink: i think someone else should do this

I Found something :wink:

Boundless has now a new Official Group

And i am the first Member :wink: