Oh ma gosh. New player. Bit overwhelmed

I just bought Boundless on PlayStation and have been playing it this evening. I landed on a world and immediately started exploring. I found a cool shopping mall and was blown away by how pretty everything is.

But now I’m back out in the world trying to find somewhere to call home but the problem I’m having is that everywhere is little islands and traversing from one to the other takes ages.

I finally found one I liked and then realized there were no trees lol. I’m just a bit overwhelmed and a bit lost. Any advice would be welcome!


Also, I got stuck in a river for 10 minutes, but don’t tell anyone.


I recommend you make a temporary place until you can find a more permanent spot, if your having trouble finding a place to call home. And welcome to boundless.

If you end up on Tana, look for Stars Hollow, we can help you out a bit. Our guild leader loves to help new players out.


Welcome to Boundless!

Grapples are great tools that help you pull yourself out of water, over mountain tops, etc. They can also be used to prevent fall damage/death.


Feel free to come to maryx, there is a city for newbies you can settle your first home there while you figure out how you want to play and where you want to live permanently


You are more than welcome to come join us in Brown Town on finata.

Never has a game made me feel like such a noob before. Took a little while to find my feet. Most people in the game are super friendly and helpful.

We are more than happy to help you find your feet.


Hi and welcome : ) I get stuck in rivers a lot too. Try crafting a basic copper or iron grapple as soon as you can and it’ll help out tremendously.


Thank you for all the kind comments. I took some of the advice here and decided to whack my campfire down anywhere. I found somewhere called Aurora and it’s near there. I actually ran into someone and they waved at me but I didn’t know how to wave back, sorry. I then promptly fell in lava. Oops.


It’s /wave : )


I’m so glad I’m not the only one. It took me a long time to figure out how useful grapples are.



Dont worry too much about your first base, think of it as a phase one to get you started, as it likely wont last long…

You will most definitely find its too small, you’ll find friends and want to move closer to them, you’ll find inspiration to build something bigger and better, you’ll find new planets that are prettier, you’ll find new challenges and better resources you want to be nearer to.

2 years in and i still do this weekly. And its great.


Sounds like you started on beckon.


My best advice to you would be to join the discord of one of the communities here :slight_smile: There are a ton of communities who are super welcoming to new players, and they will actually love it when you bombard them with questions :slight_smile: (because you WILL have 100s of them :wink: )

This is a good place to start!


XD same! lol! make your home in a big city for max support. Try to spawn near a megastore early in the game. When i first started, i was in Horizon City with a mini mall. It helped a ton! try to do it too :wink:

It’s not /wave on PS4. This is one thing that’s really tough about it being cross platform. People in game almost majority say “just press [insert keyboard shortcut here]” even after I tell them I’m on PS4 :sob: It’s so much harder for us console players lol

Trying to remember the steps without having the game open…On PS4 I believe you need to open chat with the left side of the middle pad, press triangle, select emote, and select wave.


[Beckon] doesn’t have lava pools or lave lake/rivers :+1::smiley:

Welcome to the great game of Boundless
Set up your temporary camp / base near a place with Portal access,
and you will be fine.
Have lots of fun,
… and of course happy :boundless: building.

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You can select an emote on PS4, but /wave still works. I use ps4 sometimes too : )

Welcome To Boundless Here’s a Welcome :cookie: if You Need Help @Jiivita and @majorvex have Awesome Youtube Videos (^-^)


Thank you all for your help. I set up a small base by Aurora. By small, I mean a camp fire, a beacon, and a crafting table. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I really appreciate all the help. It was very overwhelming at first but the game is so beautiful that I need to persevere!