Omni Shop


Hi everyone!

I’m back. I want to state in advance that I won’t be running quite as big a shop as before, but will definitely be actively trading (for at least a while).

Now buying:

Rough gems @ 180c each (100k budget)
Oortstone @ 28c each (100k budget)
Clay soil @ 2c each (20k budget)
Copper/iron/gold/silver/titanium ore @ 2/2/15/15/40c each (100k budget)
Shadow/Shimmering/pulsating/vital orbs @ 150/150/5/5c each (10k budget)
Fibrous/inky/fleshy leafs @ 25/2/2c each (10k budget)
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 5/10/20c each (10k budget)
Rock @ 1c each (30k budget - in the shelves)


Welcome back :slight_smile:


very nice :slight_smile:


:money_mouth_face: hype!! Welcome back man!!!are you going to be running off the same location in Munteen??


Yip, same place as always @ Munteen’s transfer station. My portal from @the-moebius’s Plaza is also available again.


welcome back :smile:


yes! Welcome back Omni!!


Someone who can give @slyduda 's shop a run for its money!


“Our” not mine :stuck_out_tongue:


“The slydudes”? :wink:


Niice! :grinning: Welcome back!


I will certainly be checking it out!


Welcome back @OmniUno


Good to see ya back :vulcan_salute:t2:


Yay another shop to explore and fund!


Went to check out your gem basket but it was empty :joy:


Hey, so I went to sell you some titanium bars but you only requested ore. I end up with quite a bit of titanium and usually smelt it for the feat. I don’t mind selling you the ore in stead though if you prefer that. I would love to help you get your store back up and running. If you put in more request baskets I will do what I can to get a bunch of whatever you need. I can almost make gem tools so I am going to need something to do next :upside_down_face:


Welcome back @OmniUno!


I’ll buy a bunch of titanium bars from you if you still have them :wink:


No! @Rumplypigskin needs them alllll!