Omni Shop


My titanium wingman is getting a little agressive now :joy:


Possibly, I will let you know. Don’t want to give a definite yes just yet haha. Im at work and not sure what the plan is tonight.


Thanks for the awesome welcome back everyone :slight_smile:

All of my request baskets are well stocked again. Please bear with me as I figure out how to price things. I’m buying 55 types of items for the moment and starting to sell bit by bit, here’s today’s price list:

Soft Coal: Buy @ 5c Sell @ 10c
Medium Coal: Buy @ 9c Sell @ 20c
Hard Coal: Buy @ 24c Sell @ 50c
Copper Ore: Buy @ 2c
Iron Ore: Buy @ 2c
Gold Ore: Buy @ 20c
Silver Ore: Buy @ 20c
Titanium Ore: Buy @ 50c
Titanium Bar: Buy @ 55c
Rough Sapphire: Buy @ 180c
Rough Amethyst: Buy @ 180c
Rough Diamond: Buy @ 180c
Rough Emerald: Buy @ 180c
Rough Ruby: Buy @ 180c
Rough Topaz: Buy @ 180c
Rough Oortstone: Buy @ 30c
Oort Shard: Sell @ 10c
Clay Soil: Buy @ 3c
Shimmering Orb: Buy @ 200c
Pulsating Orb: Buy @ 10c
Vital Orb: Buy @ 10c
Shadow Orb: Buy @ 300c
Gnarled Grass Seed: Buy @ 3c
Barbed Grass Seed: Buy @ 3c
Verdant Grass Seed: Buy @ 3c
Hide: Buy @ 10c
Bark: Buy @ 30c
Petal: Buy @ 5c
Milk Gland: Buy @ 5c
Adrenal Gland: Buy @ 5c
Thermal Sac: Buy @ 5c
Floatation Sac: Buy @ 5c
Spark Sac: Buy @ 5c
Raw Lean Meat: Buy @ 2c
Raw Juicy Starberry: Buy @ 2c
Raw Meat: Buy @ 1c
Raw Starberry: Buy @ 1c
Raw Exotic Earthyam: Buy @ 5c
Raw Glossy Starberry: Buy @ 2c
Raw Prime Meat: Buy @ 5c
Raw Earthyam: Buy @ 1c
Raw Waxy Earthyam: Buy @ 2c
Fibrous Leaf: Buy @ 30c
Inky Leaf: Buy @ 3c
Fleshy Leaf: Buy @ 3c
Ancient Wood Trunk: Buy @ 5c
Lustrous Wood Trunk: Buy @ 5c
Twisted Wood Trunk: Buy @ 5c
Sap: Buy @ 1c
Volatile Blood: Buy @ 2c
Fresh Blood: Buy @ 1c
Viscous Blood: Buy @ 2c


Nice shop man.

Also, some of your items are smart stacked where they can’t be bought.


Impressive stock! See you soon!


FYI - smart stacking issue is fixed in the next update. Expected Live early next week.

Testing 191 - Report issues here

Thanks, really looking forward to the patch :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m buying many things at much higher rates as of today and now buy many more items including all soils, most organic products, fossils and fragments. Got tons of request baskets filled to the brim with coin waiting for you to cash in :wink:

Some highlights of items I am buying:
Fibrous leaf @ 35c each
Sap @ 2c each
Trunks @ 7c each
Bark @ 40c each
Rough diamond @ 250c each
Ancient tech component/devices @ 375c/1200c each


Hi hi!

My buying baskets are recoined as usual and have seen even more price increases as I start to adjust to the new (to me) economy. I will be increasing many even more after next week’s patch :wink:

Buying highlights:
Rough diamond @ 280 coin each
Rough sapphire @ 210 coin each
Rough oortstones @ 50 coin each
Large fossils @ 24 coin each
All fragments @ 10 coin each
Shimmering orbs @ 250 coin each
Bark @ 40 coin each
Bones @ 3 coin each
Tallow @ 3 coin each

I’m also starting to sell many things again.

Selling highlights include:
Oort shards (full table) @ 10 coin each
Titanium furnaces & crucibles @ 745 coin each
Ancient vital essence @ 5c each
Fresh vital essence @ 8c
Rocks, coal, bones, gold ore and more!


Hi everyone!

As usual my shop’s request baskets are fully recoined and I have several new items for sale.

Buying highlights:

Rough oortstone @ 60c each
Ancient Tech Component @ 440c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 40c each
Sap/Tallow @ 2c each
Bone @ 3c each
Milk Glands @ 75c each
Cream Gleam @ 5c each
Blue Gleam @ 100c each

Selling highlights:

Compactor Power Coil @ 2798c each
Compact Soft Coal @ 90c each
Spark Cord @ 5c each
Glue @ 30c each
Storage Blocks @ 10c each
Rock, stone, refined rock, compact peat, compact clay, coal, sticks


So, this is still in the concept stage but I’d like to see if there’s any interest. I’m looking for a dedicated builder (or builders) to help me design and build a new shop.

There will be some guidelines:

  • It has to be at least three times as large as my current one (new one should be 700-1000 plots).
  • It will need to house shop stands and request baskets for all of the items in the game and (hopefully) everything that the forge will add.
  • It requires a proper workshop/storage sections too (grouped by type of item or something like that).
  • It will have to be multiple beacons (with beacons per “department” to alloy me to draw in additional shop managers in the future).
  • It has to be a really impressive and well decorated build.

You will have to help gather many of the required materials too - I’m thinking about throwing 2mil coin at it (for starters) to help cover mats and labor. You will get credit for the entire build (sign board, statue, shrine - whatever suits your design). I will supply all of the plots.

Please PM me with ideas/conceptual images if you (player or group) are interested.


Uhhhh huh… :joy:


It won’t be quite as big - it will be bigger :grin:


It’s fun to see what competition makes you do :wink:


So, you’re hiring a general contractor? What I’m most confused about is why you are planning on having people build this and bid for it.


I’m looking for someone to help build it - no bidding involved - just the best concept/idea wins. It is an opportunity to build something truly impressive. The coin is there to help whomever builds focus on creating instead of grinding and potentially to pay others to help grind whatever is needed. Once the build is done (or in parts) it will become functional and probably heavily visited.


I’ve upped my buying rates even more:

Rough Oortstone @ 70c each
Shimmering Orb @ 280c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 45c each
Titanium Ore/Bars @ 90/94c each
Sap @ 4c each

Now also selling nails, buckets, buckets of milk, silver tools and a bunch of other random stuff


I need around 200 diamond to finish a set of advanced workshop power coils before the patch hits (or I’m willing to just buy 5 from someone) - and I’m willing to pay.

Offering 400c per diamond until I get at least 200 diamonds.

EDIT 1: Thanks everyone, got my 200 extra diamonds very quickly :slight_smile: Still buying @ 280c each. Oh and compact ruby @ 2000c each & refined ruby @ 1600c each.

EDIT 2: Got some titanium hammers, shovels, axes and chisels for sale @ 1050c each.


So, 2mil for “mats and labor”…

… How much is the labor side of the equation?


Up to the builder. Everything can be either farmed or purchased. It is negotiable, of course.

I’m starting to think that 2 mil might be too little for what I have in mind so I’ll probably invest more - that will ultimately depend on the design of course.