Omni Shop


Hi everyone! Time for my daily update.

Request baskets are recoined as usual. I am yet again increasing buying prices on many items.

Buying Highlights include:
Rough oortstone @ 80c each
Sap @ 5c each
Fossils @ 5c/13c/36c each
Cream Gleam @ 7c each
Rough Ruby @ 185c each
Rough Diamond @ 300c each
Peaty/Silty/Clay Soil @ 2c each
Inky/Fleshly Leaves @ 6c each
Titanium Ore @ 90c each
Copper @ 4c each
Petal @ 7c each
Adrenal Glands @ 10c each
Thermal Sacs @ 20c each
Floatation Sacs @ 10c each
Spark Sacs @ 10c each

Also now selling:

  • Shimmering orbs
  • Milk glands
  • Meaty casseroles
  • Compact + refined titanium alloy
  • Refined silver alloy
  • Workbenches
  • Warp conduits
  • Flint
  • Rock salt
  • Opal
  • Sand
  • Copper bars
  • Iron ore + iron bars


Hi everyone!

I haven’t had a chance to process the new patch’s changes yet, but I’m doing an update based on market response so far. As usual all of my request baskets have been recoined if you want to sell anything.

I am increasing my buying prices on many things again today - be sure to get your share of coin whilst the going is good :wink:

Buying highlights:

Sap @ 5c each
Trunks @ 8c each
Rough oortstone @ 100c each
Rough topaz @ 240c each
Rough ruby @ 200c each
Rough emerald @ 240c each
Rough amethyst @ 250c each
Copper ore @ 5c each
Gold ore @ 20c each
Silver ore @ 20c each
Titanium ore @ 100c each
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 8/15/60c each
Raw lean meat @ 150c each

Selling highlights:

Portal conduit @ 150c each
Titanium furnaces bases & crucibles @ 745c each

Now selling copper tools, ancient tech devices, atlas, iron tools, silver tools, gold tools, glass, compact diamond, workbench power coils, titanium alloy, gold allow, silver alloy, bomb charges


A wise man once said: You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming

Buying highlights:

Fibrous Leaf @ 40c each
Rough Oortstone @ 110c each
Clay/Silty Soil @ 3c each
Soft/Medium/Hard Coal @ 7c/18c/65c each
Rough Emerald @ 250c each
Opal @ 8c each
Ancient Tech Remnant @ 5c each
Ancient Tech Component @ 635c each
Copper Ore @ 5c each
Foliage @ 1c each

Selling highlights:

Cooked Meat @ 5c each
Glass @ 15c each
Meaty Casserole @ 35c each
Cream Gleam @ 10c each
Blue Gleam @ 131c each
1800 Iron Ore in stock @ 10c each
998 Iron Bars in stock @ 14c each
Rough Diamond @ 400c each
Rough Ruby @ 288c each
Rough Topaz/Sapphire @ 346c each
Rough Amethyst @ 360c each
Trunks @ 10c each
Cobalt Fragments @ 10c each
Ancient Tech Components @ 635c each


Grammar: The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you’re nuts.

All of request baskets are recoined.

Buying highlights:
Shimmering Orbs @ 280c each
Fibrous Leaves @ 50c each
Petals @ 8c each
Raw Juicy Starberry @ 10c each

Selling highlights:
Leather @ 180c each
Refined Lustrous Wood @ 25c each
Bonding Agent @ 30c each
Glue @ 15c each
Compact Diamond @ 3000c each
Ancient Tech Devices @ 1400c each
Ink @ 35c each


All of my request baskets are recoined as usual.

Buying highlights:

All elemental shards @ 20c each
Fibrous leafs @ 55c each

Selling highlights:

7000 oort shards @ 15c each
Trunks @ 9c each
Glue @ 16c each
Ancient Vital Essence @ 5c each
Bags of Gold Bombs @ 610c each
Sign Modules @ 70c each
Buckets of Milk @ 90c each
Charcoal @ 12c each
Workbench Power Coils @ 4000c each
Compact Amethyst @ 2344c each
Refined Diamond @ 1624c each
Refined Emerald @ 1772c each


The early bird catches the worm - but the early worm gets caught

Buying highlights:

Shimmering Orbs @ 280c each
Fibrous Leafs @ 55c each
Bark @ 38c each
Sap @ 5c each
Trunks @ 6c each
Raw Exotic Earthyam @ 15c each

Selling highlights:

Cooked Starberry @ 3c each
Diamond Axes/Shovels @ 4610 each
Copper/iron/silver/gold bars @ 8c/13c/33c/35c each each
Silver/gold/titanium alloy @ 44c/44c/189c each
Glue @ 13c each
Bucket of Milk @ 81c each
Charcoal @ 11c each
Compact Coal @ 256c each
Other gem tools
Several decorative rocks and bricks


Now buying:

Sulphur/Saltpetre/Cobalt Fragments @ 21c each
Opals @ 8c each
Volatile Blood @ 220c each
Rough Sapphire 335c
Rough Amethyst 233c
Rough Diamond 139c
Rough Emerald 233c
Rough Ruby 160c
Rough Topaz 233c
Rough Oortstone 100c
Blast shard @ 50c each

Now selling:

Several brew + food ingredients, beacon fuels, shop stands, sackcloth


Glad to see you finally stopped buying up all the fibrous leaves in the universe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Buying highlights:

Blue/Yellow Gleam @ 100c each
Rough Sapphire 340c
Rough Amethyst 250c
Rough Diamond 160c
Rough Emerald 250c
Rough Ruby 180c
Rough Topaz 250c
Rough Oortstone 100c

Selling highlights:

Now’s your chance to build metallic copper (somebody already got all the iron) house you’ve always been after!
I’ve lowered my coal and ore prices to crazy levels. (e.g. Refined Copper @ 37c each)
Oort Shards @ 14c each
Ancient Vital Essence @ 4c each
Minor Recovery Brews @ 26c each
Spark Generators @ 1292c each
Also got some amethyst hammers/shovels, diamond hammers, brew container 3s, portal conduit, titanium spanners


Basement excavations for about 1/4 of the new shop:

Buying Highlights:

Bone @ 3c each
Rough Amethyst @ 280c each
Rough Emerald @ 280c each
Rough Topaz @ 280c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 46c each
Raw Exotic Earthyam @ 33c each
Volatile Blood @ 220c each
Raw Meat @ 2c each
Raw Prime Meat @ 2c each
Spicy Bean @ 3c each

EDIT: Added even more buying highlights


Buying highlights:

Bones @ 4c each
Copper Ore @ 3c each
Iron Ore @ 7c each
Titanium Ore @ 100c each
Titanium Bars @ 105c each
Clay Soil @ 3c each
Spicy Bean @ 4c each
Bitter Bean @ 10c each
Trunks @ 6c each

Selling highlights:

Basic Beacon Fuel (56 days) @ 93c each
Rough Diamond @ 230c each
Compact Diamond @ 1582c each
Refined Diamond @ 1206c each
Diamond Hammer/Shovel/Axe @ 3791c each


Buying highlights:

Iron ore @ 7c each
Gold ore @ 25c each
Silver ore @ 25c each
Titanium ore @ 100c each
Raw exotic earthyam @ 38c each
Opal @ 12c each
Bone @ 5c each
All elemental shards @ 100c each
Rough Amethyst @ 300c each
Rough Oortstone @ 110c each
Rough Ruby @ 190c each

Selling highlights:

Sackcloth @ 112c each
Copper Tools @ 114c each
Iron Tools @ 121c each
Silver Tools @ 322c each
Gold Tools @ 314c each


Buying highlights:

Metamorphic Rock @ 2c each (20k budget)
Bone @ 5c each (15k budget)
Copper Ore @ 4c each
Iron Ore @ 8c each
Silver/Gold Ore @ 30c each
Titanium Ore @ 110c each
Blast/Toxin/Corrosion/Burn/Shock/Chill Shards @ 150c each
Sulphur/Saltpetre/Cobalt Fragment @ 31c
Olivine Fragment @ 6c each
Clay Soil @ 3c each
Rough Amethyst @ 350c each
Rough Sapphire @ 350c each
Rough Ruby @ 200c each
Rough Emerald/Topaz @ 300c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 50c each
Inky Leaf @ 8c each
Titanium Bar @ 115c each

Selling highlights:

Persisting Pie @ 931c each
Portal Conduit @ 230c each
Oort Shard @ 13c each
Bark @ 38c each
Soft/Medium/Hard coal @ 7/23/78c each
Compact Soft/Medium Coal @ 66c/190c each
Ancient Tech Component @ 411c


Special! Special!

Buying Bone @ 6c each. Limited time offer.


Seller’s day

Today I want to focus specifically on giving each and every one of you as much coin as possible (to come and spend at my shop again of course). With deals this good you’ll be hard press to sell your goods to someone else:

Raw Meat & Raw Prime Meat @ 3c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 54c each
Metamorphic Rock @ 2c each
Sulphur/Saltpetre/Cobalt Fragments @ 40c each
Tallow @ 3c each
Sap @ 4c each
Bone @ 6c each
Blast Shard @ 200c each
Sweet Bean @ 35c each
Spicy Bean @ 5c each
Barbed Grass Seed @ 6c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 54c each
Rough Ruby @ 220c each
Rough Sapphire @ 380c each
Rough Amethyst @ 380c each
Raw Exotic Earthyam @ 45c each


As you can all see, the new shop area is progressing very well. Special thanks to @the-moebius and @redy3 for their contributions so far :slight_smile:

Buying highlights

Metamorphic/Igneous Rock @ 2c each
Vulpto Igneous Rock @ 4c each
Vulpto Sedimentary Rock @ 3c each
Nasharil Sedimentary/Igneous @ 4c each
Sand & Silty Soil @ 2c each

Selling highlights

Shimmering Orbs @ 351c each
Workbench Power Coils @ 2622c each
Minor Recovery Brews @ 34c each
Improved Strength Brews @ 37c each
Shielding Casserole @ 39c each
Channeling Oil @ 148c each
Diamond Torch @ 211c each


Buying highlights

Bone @ 7c each
Rough Ruby @ 250c each
Rough Emerald/Topaz @ 330c each
Rough Sapphire/Amethyst @ 380c each
Rough Oortstone @ 115c each
Volatile Blood @ 240c each
Inky Leaf @ 10c each
Sap @ 5c each
Trunks @ 6c each
Sulphur/Saltpetre Fragments @ 40c each
Elemental Shards (except Corrosion) @ 210c each
Metamorphic/Igneous Rock @ 2c each

Selling highlights

Improved Beaon Fuel @ 1940c each
Brew Container 5 @ 62c each
Cream Gleam @ 9c each
Refined Cream Gleam @ 7c each
Signs @ 73c each


Special thanks to @dunedragon for his great work on the Hunter’s Den (one of the buildings in Omni Shop - Aquatopia). The Hunter’s Den will buy and sell all things related to creatures and hunting in general.


Buying highlights

Bone @7c each
Sweet Bean @ 35c each
Spicy Bean @ 4c each
Rough Amethyst/Sapphire @ 400c each
Rough Ruby @ 280c each
Rough Emerald/Topaz @ 350c each
Rough Oortstone @ 120c each
Gold/Silver Ore @ 32c each
Titanium Ore @ 110c each
Shimmering Orb @ 250c each
Shadow Orb @ 1000c each
Raw Exotic Earthyam @ 45c each
Raw Juicy Starberry @15c each
Raw Glossy Starberry @ 5c each
Raw Meat/Prime Meat @ 3c each
Any Trunks @ 6c each
Volatile Blood @ 240c each

Selling highlights

Super Instant Healing Brew @ 172c each
Improved Beacon Fuel @ 1940c each
Workbench Power Coil @ 2622c each
Diamond Slingbow @ 4760c each
Advanced Workbench Power Coil @ 4868c each


The new bakery - courtesy of @Awesie


And everything you see in this screenshot will be part of the new Omni Shop. That’s a LOT of space for shop stands :wink: