Omni Shop


Very pretty shop, great build. Especially like the pie :smiley:


Buying highlights

Rough Oortstone @ 125c each
Rough Diamond @ 120c each
Barbed Grass Seed @ 8c each
Trunks @ 7c each
Opal @ 8c each
Rock @ 2c each

Selling highlights

Compact Hard Coal @ 615c each
Cooked Meat @ 6c each
Starberry Soup @ 10c each
Earthyam Stew @ 18c each


Now buying creature mantles, trophies and eyes


Hi everyone,

You can find the latest comprehenive information on the Omni Shop with this link:

Several new items are available in the brewery - be sure to check it out.

@rumplypigskin is building fiercely on the new blacksmith - which will house all metal goods.


Hiya folks,

Lots of updates for the day:

  • Restocked all request baskets (thats another 1mil coin if anybody wants some :wink: )
  • Added some new items to shop stands: creature mantles, hide, greater & super cleansing brews, persisting loaf, extra damage slingbow augment 2’s, etc
  • Now buying creature mantles, trophies and eyes
  • Especially looking to buy some gems, default igneous rock, yellow gleam, fibrous leaves, coal

My pricelist has been updated to reflect the latest as well:


Howdy folks!

My request baskets are recoined, my shelves are stocked, my selling prices are lower than ever and my buying prices higher than ever. Need something? Got something more? Be sure to drop by or check my online pricelist :wink:

Buying highlights

Inky Leaves @ 12c each
Fibrous Leaves @ 54c each
Rough Sapphire @ 400c
Rough Amethyst @ 400c
Rough Diamond @ 120c
Rough Emerald @ 366c
Rough Ruby @ 294c
Rough Topaz @ 366c
Rough Oortstone @ 125c

Selling highlights

Now selling teaching pies, persisting pies, persisting loafs, all cleansing brews and up to super strength brews, spitter + wildstock eyes



Diamond Tools @ 2920c each!
Diamond Slingbows @ 3325c each!
Workbench Power Coils @ 2260c each!
Advanced Workbench Power Coils @ 4425c each!
Basic Beacon Fuel (56 days) @ 96c each!
Titanium Tools @ 934c each!
Portal Conduit @ 220c each!
Shimmering Orbs @ 335c each!

Looking for a special on a specific item? Post a request in this thread :wink:

Now selling mega strength brews & mega instant healing brews


Lower prices for everyone

So I’ve been collecting data for a while now, and I think everything is overpriced. Which is why crashing the current market is important - and it will benefit (almost) everyone.

Today I have lowered all my selling prices, in example:

Diamond Tools @ 2358c each
Titanium Tools @ 869c each
Persisting Pie @ 889c each
Teaching Pie @ 1012c each
Compact Soft Coal @ 63c each
Cooked Starberry @ 3c each

the list goes on and on and on with 251 items seeing price reductions. Please show your support for #crashthemarket by spreading the word!


and I just yesterday bought all 86 of your decorative dimond blocks for 800 ea. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
ohh well I have always loved your shop!! :star_struck:


Another 100 up for grabs today - probably for less total coin than the 86 cost yesterday :wink:


Oh, and if anybody can find better prices elsewhere please let me know. I’d love to smash them.


I uhhh, definitely found rough oortstone for 1c each. You should so just give them out for free to beat that… :joy:


Correct me if I’m wrong but… doesn’t crashing this market just hoard all the money and prevent noobs from getting it?

With higher prices noobs have a real chance and harvesting materials and selling them for a reasonable share of the actual money going through the economy right?

With lower prices comes lower profit margins, which means less people can compete with your shop too.

I think that the only reason the prices have gone up this high is because request baskets have gone up and up as people want more materials, meaning things are in demand.

By undercutting this process, I feel that you might sell out your stock, while others continue to buy for higher prices… Again because the demand was present to raise the price to begin with…


I’m buying at very decent rates too - just decreased my selling prices.

They also have a harder time getting the items they need and the coin they get can do less. For example, with my workbench power coils now only cost 1826 - everybody can get the coils they need to make gem tools themselves now much easier.

Lower absolute margins, not necessarily lower relative margins.

Or the reason prices have gone up this high is because supply has being artificially restrained (not necessarily on purpose) by the bigger players.


Whatchu mean by this? Which supplies and how are they restraint? Maybe I haven’t been looking around much :thinking:

NVM I guess I got some ideas. No need to answer.


Players hoarding their stores instead of selling. I know I do :slight_smile:


I figured, I sorta do that I supposed I never really thought about it.


Its hard to explain without diving a bit deeper into the economy.

Unlike a real-world economy we don’t have a reserve bank - our coin generation is relatively fixed: feats + footfall. Footfall is proportional to player exploration.

Our sinks also differ from a real-world economy: mostly tax and a bit of it to warps. Since the form of tax is basically VAT the overall supply grows larger the less trade happens. We thus have a strong inverse relationship between volume of trade and the value of items - that is, the less we trade as a collective the more (in absolute terms) do things become worth.

This then leads to a large coin supply and “horder syndrome” - everything you gather is worth a lot (absolutely speaking) but things sell less and slower - generating more inflation due to the constant coin creation and low tax sink. Game theory dictates that most will keep their stuff instead of selling it for less due to perceived value.


Might have to rename to the Limbo store…

How low can you go?

Ancient Vital Essence @ 3c each (tens of thousands in stock)
Fresh Vital Essence @ 6c each
Bonding Agent @ 28c each
Enriched Bonding Agent @ 327c each
Cooked Prime Meat @ 2c each
Lesser Beacon Fuel @ 30c each
Basic Beacon Fuel @ 74c each
Cobalt Fragments @ 29c each
Copper Ore @ 4c each
Copper Bars @ 6c each
Machined Copper @ 40c each
Iron Ore @ 7c each
Iron Bars @ 8c each
Refined Iron @ 49c each
Silver/Gold Ore @ 30c each
Titanium Ore @ 125c each
Titanium Furnace Base @ 705c each
Advanced Workbench Power Coil @ 4030c each
Iron Tools @ 115c each
Silver Tools @ 284c each
Gold Tools @ 278c each
Titanium Tools @ 786c each
Spark Generators @ 928c each
Super Instant Healing Brew @ 145c each
Revival Brew @ 80c each
Cream Gleam Lanterns @ 42c each


Sick and tired of high prices? Want your coin to go the extra mile? Then the Omni Shop is for you!

Get a variety of items at prices so low you’d think its below cost.