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Another day, another price drop. The Omni Shop - making your coin go further!

With buying rates as high as

Spicy Beans @ 10c each
Verdant Grass Seed @ 1c each (that’s right, I actually buy this stuff)

And selling stuff for crazy prices like

Glue @ 14c each
Bonding Agent @ 26c each
Storage Blocks @ 6c each
Plinths @ 34c each
Portal Conduit @ 157c each
Locks @ 30c each
Diamond Tools @ 2358c each
Oort shards @ 13c each


Thanks for the great support so far everyone! I’m seeing record sales on almost everything. For sellers - you can find my request baskets restocked - be sure to drop by!

Today sees even more price drops combined with increases in my buying rates.

Now buying

Sap @ 5c each
Sweet Bean @ 41c each
Copper Ore @ 4c each
Ancient Tech Component @ 293c each
Adrenal Glands @ 25c each
Vital Orb @ 9c each
All Coloured Stone @ 3c each
Clay @ 3c each
Soft/Medium/Hard coal @ 6/17/60c each

Now selling

Ancient Tech Device @ 1120c each
Thermal Sacs @ 28c each
Floatation/Spark Sacs @ 14c each
Fresh Vital Essence @ 5c each
Improved Beacon Fuel @ 1794c each
Oort Shard @ 12c each
Rough Oortstone @ 140c each
Bomb Charge @ 292c
Bag of Copper Bombs @ 327c each
Bag of Iron Bombs @ 331c each

As usual, my price list contains all the latest:


Request baskets recoined, shelves full to the brim and the lowest prices in the galaxy - all in one place!

Now buying:

Buying reactive lamella @ 20c each
Edible/glowing lamella @ 3c each
Pulsating Orb @ 9c each
Sweet Bean @ 41c
Spicy Bean @ 10c
Bitter Bean @ 10c


Want your coin to go the extra mile? Sick of waiting for crafting machines? Visit the Omni Shop now!


Limited Stock: Fresh Vital Essence @ 3c each

Also selling

Elemental shards @ 129c each
Common Bricks now @ 19c each
Decorative Igneous Rock @ 14c each
Trunks @ 7c each
Oort Shards @ 12c each

Buying highlights:

Igneous Rock @ 3c each


About a week ago I started to drop prices heavily - and the expectation was that I would run out of stock quickly. Fear not, quite the opposite has happened. Today I am further dropping my prices to CRAZY LOW levels - across the board.

Check out these CRAZY deals:

Only 14k left: Fresh Vital Essence @ 3c each
Ancient Vital Essence @ 2c each
Oort Shards @ 10c each
Silver/Gold Tools @ 250c each
Titanium Tools @ 733c each
Diamond Tools @ 2181c each
Advanced Workbench/Compactor Power Coils @ 3782c/5485c each
Workbench Power Coil @ 1749c each
Persisting/Teaching Pie @ 857c/978c each
Compact Soft Coal/Medium Coal @ 57c/169c each
Decorative Diamond @ 611c each
Diamond Torches @ 136c each
Portal Conduit @ 125c each

Also buying high, like

Igneous Rock @ 3c each
Inky Leafs @ 14c each
Reactive Lamella @ 20c each

Find a comprehensive pricelist here:


Hi everyone!,

I’m yet again adjusting several prices - mostly lowering selling and increasing buying. My request baskets are also all recoined.

Buying highlights:

Reactive Lamella @ 25c each
Clay @ 3c each
All elemental shards @ 101c each
Titanium Ore @ 106c each

Selling highlights:

Still have 7200 Fresh Vital Essence @ 3c each
Ancient Vital Essence @ 2c each
Portal Conduit @ 125c each
Rough Oortstone @ 134c each
Oort Shard @ 10c each
Sulphur/Saltpetre Fragments @ 47c each
Cobalt Fragments @ 23c each
Further price reductions to all brews
Bomb Charge @ 280c each as well as all bomb prices reduced

As usual you can find comprehensive pricing here:


guilty lolz


Hi everyone,

Requests baskets are recoined as per the usual.

Now buying

Ancient Tech Device @ 930c each
Reactive Lamella @ 25c each
Cobalt Fragments @ 18c each

The Lumberer

I’d like to dedicate most of today’s post to the upcoming Lumberer section. This section of the Omni Shop is available for preview from a portal on the shop floor.

In the near future the lumberer will sell all wood-related materials.


Forge preparations

With the forge coming up I’m hard at work preparing for it. With 70 recipes priced and ready for crafting you know where to look once the patch hits. Expect many materials to be cheap - like Pure Boon Compound at 9c each and Setting Resin at 3c each.

The building team (AKA @the-moebius) also has The Forge section of the Omni Shop ready for use:

Forge crafting

Anybody can help by supplying me with mats needed for forge crafting:

Reactive Lamella @ 29c each
Bitter Bean @ 12c each
also in need of
Elemental Shards @ 126c each


My beacon fuels are now cheaper than ever:

Minor Beacon Fuel (14 days) for 5c each
Lesser Beacon Fuel (28 days) for 25c each
Basic Beacon Fuel (56 days) for 78c each

New commodity

Now selling Bag of Diamond Bombs @ 3239c each



Lumberer now open

The lumberer is now officially open for business. All lumber-related products can now be found in its shelves. @rumplypigskin will be helping to manage it. Also special thanks to @rumplypigskin for all is hours in building it and getting it up and running!


Request Baskets have been recoined.

Now also buying:
Opals @ 7c each
Ancient Tech Remnants @ 4c each
Metamorphic Rock @ 1c each
Rough Diamond @ 110c each


Ruby Slingbow @ 4929c each


Hi everyone!


All request baskets are recoined
Ancient Tech Remnant @ 4c each
Ancient Tech Device @ 930c each
Reactive Lamella @ 29c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 54c each
Olivine Fragment @ 10c each
Saltpetre Fragment @ 38c each
Cobalt Fragment @ 20c each


Restocked 10 000 oort shards @ 10c each
Raw Waxy Earthyam @ 2c each
Cooked Waxy Earthyam @ 2c each (no buff, 400 max energy)
Energising Soup @ 6c each
Restocked on Diamond Hammers

And hundreds of other items as usual - full details here:


A Brick’s Tale

Once all bricks lived here:

But then they became more and the space was too small. And so they moved to the Masonry which you can find through this here portal:


The Omni Shop

Buying and selling in nearly everthing. If you need it, we probably have it. If you have it, we’re probably buying it.

Wanna know what we’re buying and selling? Check our comprehensive pricelist (updated daily):


The Omni Shop

Hello peeps!! Rumpel here with a special Omni announcement.

Tired of looking through 100 shops to only find your desired item as display only?
Are you looking for a place that not only sells EVERYTHING but buys EVERYTHING?
Well look no further! The Omni shop has you cover, buying all items from tree bark to your rarest gem! Come one down to Munteen Paradise to see our stock!

30k copper ore
All types of Elemental shards!!! :money_mouth_face:

Too lazy to walk over there? No problem you can check our prices from the comfort of your couch or offline @ our price sheet below


Daily Update

Hi everyone!

Everything is stable on the price front - you can expect today what you say yesterday. We have restocked igneous stone products, portal conduits, titanium bombs, chill shards, yellow gleam, iron and copper ore, sedimentary rock and more. Our request baskets are also recoined if you want some quick cash.

As usual we have a fully up-to-date pricelist here:


Hi everyone!

Jeweler move

The jeweller has moved to a new premises - accessible with a portal from its old location in my shop. We’re still moving in so mind the dust.

Daily Update

Restocked on gold alloy, compact peat, sign modules, titanium bars, iron bars, compact clay, titanium hammers, gold hammers, gold bars, ruby hammers, decorative ruby, compact topaz, hard coal

Price reductions

Just because you thought it couldn’t get cheaper doesn’t mean its true!

Glue @ 11c each
Bonding Agent @ 22c each
Enriched Bonding Agent @ 308c each
Earthyam Stew @ 15c each
Iron Tools @ 112c each
Plinths @ 32c each


Join our discord:

And check out our pricelist:


Help wanted

If you’re looking for coin, we’re especially looking for the items listed below. Of course we buy almost everything else too - and all requests baskets have been recoined.

Rough Ruby
Rough Emerald
Ancient Tech Component
Sweet Bean
Blast Shard
Ancient Tech Device
Light Lustrous Wood
Yellow Gleam
Vulpto Igneous Rock
Nasharil Metamorphic Rock

Join our discord for all your shopping needs:

And our pricelist is updated as always:

Cuttlepunk Spleef Arena | CLOSE FOR BUSINESS |


The Omni Shop is recruiting! Running is a shop can be very profitable but also very time consuming. We are looking for gatherers, crafters, hunters and shopkeeps interested in helping to run the shop and sharing in the spoils of war.

We use a share-based system which rewards shareholders based on their contributions - contribute as little as a few hours per week or every day - the system scales with you. The system also allows you to exchange goods with other players without tax or profit getting in the way.

If you’re interested Direct Message me on the forums/discord/ingame and we can discuss details!



We now have a website where a lot of content about the shop will be shared. Nothing much just yet, but it’s a start:


Hi everyone!

Portals reorganized

The Omni Shop now uses Aquatopia Hub as a hub for the shop. We will have 14 dedicated portals once the build and move job is complete. This also means that the portals that were on the shop floor have been relocated to the hub - and that Aquatopia hub now has a portal to the shop.

The Blacksmith

All metal tools and weapons can now be found in the Blacksmith. Check it out in more details in-game or on our website (

The Greenhouse

All natural products can now be found in the Greenhouse. Check it out in more details in-game or on our website (

As usual you can find our prices here:
and find us on discord here: