Omni Shop


Price increase

Just kidding! Our prices are still at all time lows. If you haven’t visited yet be sure to come and grab some bargains!

Oort shards @ 9c, copper ore @ 5c, soft coal @ 6c - life’s good.


A bit of everything. All of our baskets have some coin in - be sure to come and claim your share.


Amongst other things:

3664 common refined metamorphic rock
201 mega strength brews
589 Boost Oil
764 Compact Clay
40 Titanium Hammers
40 Gold Slingbows
41 Silver Chisels
3266 Copper Bars
550 Titanium Alloy
13693 metamorphic stones
12704 sedimentary stones



250 slides
1200 common metamorphic brick
350 basic beacon fuel
25 persisting pie
50 persisting loaf
45 titanium slingbows
40 silver slingbows
40 bags of gold bombs
3475 glue
264 minor healing brew
656 enriched bonding agent
3421 gold ore
5443 iron ore
3017 copper ore
555 silver ore
613 titanium ore
20 diamond bombs
10 diamond slings
10 ruby slings


Seeing as it’s almost the end of the world (in terms of the current Boundless) I think I’m going to practically give away all the refined stone I have in my little shop the next time I log on :laughing: (please note I said “practically” not actually) …if you want you can buy it at a knock down price to sell at a huge profit for whatever use that will be to anyone going forward to 1.0 :joy:


Hi everyone,

End of the (current) world!

Looks like it is still a few patches away. So if you still have some stuff to wrap up we will be buying and selling until the day. After the day, we will be buying and selling in the new universe (and even the interim universe if there is one).


Freshly restocked

Stones: Common Igneous 7k
Decorative Rock 2: Vulpto Metamorphic 200
3780 Iron Bars
1350 glass
54 silver hammers
500 door pieces
591 bag of baking powder
625 purified butter
664 bucket of purified milk
28 diamond slingbows
500 common refined twisted wood
150 dark refined twisted wood
250 light refined lustrous wood
300 Vulpto refined lustrous wood
392 Nasharil refined igneous rock(edited)
500 Nasharil refined metamorphic rock
767 Vulpto refined metamorphic rock
1250 Compact clay
404 titanium alloy
28 compact silver
28 compact gold
14 compact titanium
337 copper ore
1800 iron ore
1184 common lustrous trunk
2055 common twisted trunk
41 blue gleam
173 blue gleam lanterns
276 burn shards




Hi everyone,

Pricing changes

A lot of our prices have received an overhaul. Highlights include decreased prices for tech components, tech devices, decreased selling prices for all power coils, increased prices for gleam, increased prices for volatile gems and blood. Be sure to check out our updated website pricelist section for details!


In case you need any of these:

10200 oort shards
28 refined iron
50 machined titanium alloy
97 titanium furnace base
1250 refined cream gleam
155 refined diamond
25 diamond shovels
20 bag of diamond bombs
2220 copper bar
780 titanium bar
28 compact copper
1000 common metamorphic brick
1000 common sedimentary brick
2700 charcoal
4450 nails

Request baskets

Have been recoined, including the gem basket.


The gem Basket is already empty again :smiley:


A new shop section just went live in the Hunter’s Den:

And the Jeweller now sells all kinds of gem torches:


50 warp augments
40 titanium grapples
320 portal conduit
263 signs
16 compact topaz
31 compact amethyst
25 advanced workbench power coil
25 advanced compactor power coil
23 diamond chisels
28 refined copper
250 Vulpto metamorphic decorative rock 1
250 Vulpto sedimentary decorative rock 1
502 common sedimentary decorative rock 1
250 Nasharil metamorphic decorative rock 2
450 common refined twisted wood
500 Vulpto refined lustrous wood
50 Vulpto refined twisted wood
1000 common igneous brick
1800 cooked prime meat
100 machined iron

More accessible

The Omni Shop is now accessible from Vulpto Shopping Alley (Shop S13)

Request baskets

All of our request baskets have been recoined. As you may have noticed we’ve been increasing the amount of coin we invest into our request baskets.

Several prices have been adjusted to align with supply and demand - this is an ongoing process to help our coin last so you can always get some when visiting.

Real-time updates

We published restock notifications and real-time news on our discord:

You can also always get our latest prices and shop information on our website:








We are experimenting with our first in-game marketing plots. What’dya think?


Our request baskets have received additional coin. New request baskets specifically for:

10 000 Sand @ 1c each
3 000 Viscous Blood @ 2c each
6 000 Fresh Blood @ 1c each
50 Volatile Blood @ 260c each


lol, yep I saw it. It’s definitively a marketing tactic.


We have just expanded our buying program significantly with several upgrades to The Dock including more coin, more request baskets and better partitioning of items:

We’re buying several things that most others do not as well as many common items:
Clay Soil
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Nasharil Lush Leaves
Silver Ore
Sweet Bean
Trunk: Dark Twisted
Trunk: Light Lustrous
Trunk: Munteen Ancient
Trunk: Nasharil Ancient
Trunk: Nasharil Twisted
Gnarled Grass Seed
Trunk: Vulpto Lustrous
Trunk: Dark Ancient
Trunk: Vulpto Twisted

You can find details on all our buy orders on our website:


We’ve been busy!

New request baskets per stone type:

and for organs:


1000 nasharil igneous brick
50 persisting pie
1749 bark
7138 sap
900 dark twisted trunk
650 common refined twisted wood
62 decorative ruby
57 decorative emerald
100 shop stands
2276 sackcloth
1292 cotton cloth
2512 syrup
4687 rough oortstone
36 titanium chisel
24 gold chisel
63 iron chisel
211 blue refined gleam
1800 cream refined gleam
577 titanium alloy
839 common refined igneous rock
845 common sedimentary decorative 1
2092 common sedimentary brick
37 silver chisels
5070 Nasharil metamorphic stones
28 compact emerald
158 compact copper
102 compact iron
129 refined iron
129 refined copper
2316 iron bar
5760 copper ore
1081 gold bar
101 machined copper
101 machined iron
17 compact titanium alloy
281 silver alloy
321 compact coal


I honestly find the placement outside of the Gemporium to be a bit Lame… Did you atleast ask Sly first before doing this?!?

OH FYI all… Sparta’s New Capital of Berlyn sale has just commenced… Great Deals!!!


Well dont find it any more disturbing than you advertising your shop in this topic?. Touche?


This does seem quite a passive aggressive move, if indeed permission hadn’t been asked.
If this is a direction some shop owners are willing to go (not sure of full story behind this yet, ofc…), it makes me feel a tad disheartened of things to come after full release…skies full of competing web address etc.
btw don’t really shop much at either store just wanted to express my view.